Dr Kevin Barrett- Profiles in courage: Free Gaza movement, Splitting-the-Sky


Truth Jihad Radio Sat. 6/5/10, 5-7 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (to be archived here.) Call-in number: 512-879-3805.
First hour: Free Gaza organizers discuss the recent Israeli mass murder of humanitarian aid workers in international waters, and the prospects for an end to the genocidal blockade of Gaza.
Second hour: Civil Resistance icon Splitting-the-Sky, who faces a sentencing hearing on Monday for the “crime” of peacefully attempting to conduct a citizen’s arrest of credibly-accused war criminal George W. Bush. Former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark will be traveling to Calgary for the event, and may address the court.
* * *
Is the radical Likudnik Israeli PM, who happens to be a close friend of Larry Silverstein, threatening to hit us with another 9/11?
Thanks for listening!
Kevin Barrett
Author, Questioning the War on Terror: A Primer for Obama Voters: http://www.questioningthewaronterror.com
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