Alex Jones Calling All Activists to Send “Chemtrail Clips” for New Documentary Film radio show host and documentary maker, Alex Jones announced today that the eugenics film he is making currently, which he hopes to have out in a few months time, is about the main ways the establishment is poisoning our food, our water,  our medicines, and our air, amongst other topics.  It covers a wide range of issues he said.

Furthermore, he stated that it will be the “definitive chemtrail film” and said the reason they are producing it now is because the US government has admitted they chemtrailing, but, as is typical, they have put a positive spin on it.

Jones said they really want to show activists filming chemtrails, including from countries other than the US.   He said they want film which has activists in it giving a commentary, as no one has sent footage of chemtrails with them talking in it he said and added that they particularly want footage of chemtrailing taking place in cities.

Also he requested that people send in their chemtrail photos.  The bigger the resolution the better.  Mention where and when they were taken. They can be photos you took 5 or 10 years ago.  Don’t procrastinate.   An address to send them to is The deadline is in a month or a month-and-a-half.  If you don’t want your name used, mention it in the letter.  Don’t send originals unless you no longer want your original copy. Send a copy.  The address for posting is:,  P.O. Box 19549, Austin, Texas, 78760.

To hear the entire message, please watch this video.

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