Anti-ETS Protest To Be Held At Parliament On June 22

When: 22 June 2010
Venue: Anti-ETS Protest Held At Parliament
Location: New Zealand
Contact: Organised by Brian Anselmi
Phone: 07 8778358
Website: for further details
Info: There will be an anti-ETS protest held at Parliament on:

Tuesday 22 June 2010.

Everybody is strongly urged to attend and show their opposition to an ETS which will cost our economy $527 million while being of no measurable benefit to the climate.

Farmers- bring your 4x4s, utes and farm vehicles.

Organised by Brian Anselmi, ph. 07 8778358
or check the home page at for further details as they come to hand.

If you are willing and able to help hand out flyers at the Mystery Creek Fieldays please contact Brian by phone 07 8778358
or email Neil and Esther Henderson at

Further note to Climate Realists:
Anyone wanting to challenge or question Nick Smith?
He will be at the Otorohanga Club 1.15pm on the 15th June.

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5 Responses to Anti-ETS Protest To Be Held At Parliament On June 22

  1. mike says:


    There are buses in Wellington with advertisements that say ” Go green, go veg, save the planet.
    A protest was also recently held in parliament grounds calling for the same thing. Oh dear, the rise of the idiots is here.

  2. mike says:

    And every one of them probably has eco(toxic death) bulbs full of mercury all through their homes.
    “I’m doing my little bit to contaminate the landfill with mercury”.

  3. Clare Swinney says:

    It is worrying how brainwashed some people are. They need to learn about the “geo-engineering”, then they would have a different opinion about what they should be doing.

  4. mike says:

    Wellingtons landfills list Eco bulbs as a hazardous item, which must be disposed of in the hazardous items area, and yet the “Eco bulbs” carry no such advisory on the labeling, neither does the labeling say get out of the room if they break(just some more info).
    The brainwashed have already decided that such information is a “conspiracy theory” so most just grin and stare inanely at you when you mention it.

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