World Environment Day – But What About Geo-Engineering?

World Environment Day is on Saturday, June the 5th, a day when the traitors to humanity, who are otherwise known as Bilderbergers, will likely be discussing their anti-human agendas in Sitges, Spain.

On this day, instead of adhering to what the mainstream media may recommend, why not inform people about geo-engineering? This is a BIGGIE.  Geo-engineering or chemtrailing is crime of massive proportions that is being committed against the people and the environment and it is not even being acknowledged as occurring by governments.

Tell the public about chemtrails and the evidence that shows that ecosystems are being poisoned worldwide!

Here is the official website regarding “World Environment Day”:
Abbreviated to “WED” and backed by One World Company Inc (United Nations).


Aluminium Aerosol Chemtrails Poisoning Life. Scientific Proof.

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