Newsletter No. 19 For 2010 From The NZ Climate Realists Against The ETS

Hello once again Climate realists,

Activists, Neil & Esther Henderson

thank you so much to those many people who have sent in contributions over the last few weeks and apologies for not including them sooner.
Today’s newsletter is long but contains many interesting comments and links.
Please read the ‘This is what we are up against’ entry…. it is a real concern to us, and if anyone thinks our reaction against the ETS is a bit over-the-top, this should give them pause for thought. There is an active movement around, which seeks to eventually “eliminate meat and other animal products”.
Once again we would like to acknowledge the efforts of Larry Baldock (Kiwi party)and his small team who travelled all the way to Waitangi to be a presence outside the National party conference this past weekend.
We can rest assured National must be getting quite concerned about the mounting opposition to the ETS, even from within their own ranks.
They pulled Nick Smith up to the conference although he hadn’t planned to be there, and by ignoring a number of standing orders managed to defeat the anti-ETS remit.
We also applaud John Boscawen (Act Party) who continues his marathon effort to oppose the ETS.
He has a special request- see notice further down this newsletter- so please help him if at all possible.
Our thanks and congratulations to all of you who have taken the time to write to your MP, and Nick Smith, and John Key, and your local newspapers….. remember if you’d like your letters published on our website, by all means send them along to us at
all the best,

Request from John Boscawen

Have you received a letter lately from your power company advising you of price increases as a direct result of the Emissions Trading Scheme? Want to get rid of the Emissions Trading Scheme? Then please help us by urgently posting a copy of the letter you received to;

John Boscawen MP,  PO Box 9209, Newmarket, Auckland or scan and email to

Only send your letter if you are happy for it to be tabled in Parliament. But we want hundreds!!

John Boscawen meetings:

Shane Arden said yesterday in talking about ACT’s campaign to defer the ETS; “He did not know if they had been successful, but the campaign was noticeable and voters were raising the ETS issue regularly with MPs.”

After 24 Public Meetings on the ETS so far, the government is under immense pressure from people all over New Zealand to defer it before it is too late.

Despite the PM’s repeated assurances that National intends to proceed with the ETS, ACT will continue with its campaign to bring pressure to bear on the government to defer the ETS.  The campaign will continue right up until 30 June if necessary.

We saw one of the first effects of the ETS this week.  Both Mercury and Contact have announced
electricity price rises from 1 July and substantial windfall profits will result.

Come to one of  John Boscawen’s next Public Meetings – bring your friends and questions!

Join the movement to defer the ETS well armed with the facts, not the mistruths National are peddling.

Nelson – Thursday 3 June – 8.00pm, The Nelson Club, Main Bar, 61-65 Selwyn Place.

Motueka – Friday 4 June – 11.00am, Edens Edge Backpacker Lodge, 137 Lodder Lane, RD 3.

Masterton – Tuesday 8 June – 7.30pm, Cosmopolitan Club, Turley Lounge, 398 Queen Street.

Paihiatua – Wednesday 9 June – 10.00am, Tararua Club, 15 Tararua Street.

Fielding – Wednesday 9 June – 1.30pm, The Cedar Room, The Civic Centre, 84 Aorangi Street.

Palmerston North – Wednesday 9 June – 7.30pm, RSA, Cabaret Room, 200 Broadway Avenue.

Dannevirke – Thursday 10 June – 10.00am, ‘The Hub’, Dannevirke Christian Fellowship Centre, Allardice St.

Waipukurau – Thursday 10 June – 1.30pm, Civic Theatre, Gallery Room, 14 Northumberland St.

Hastings – Thursday 10 June – 7.30pm, Angus Hotel, Matariki Lounge, 507 Railway Road.

Napier – Friday 11 June – 10.00am, Napier War Memorial Conference Centre, Break Out Room 1,
48 Marine Parade.

Dargaville – Monday 14 June – 11.00am, Pono (Masonic) Lodge, 39 Hokianga Road.

Whangerei – Monday 14 June – 7.30pm, The Pickwick Room, Dickens Inn, 71 Cameron Street.

Other meetings scheduled, venues to be advised:

Katikati – Monday 28 June
Te Puke – Monday 28 June
Tauranga – Monday 28 June

For more information call 09 531 5531 or email


Waikato Electorate 12 June (If wet, 26 June)A stall will be selling bumper stickers against the ETS at the Ngaruawahia Market situated in Jesmond Street.  The stall will be set up at 8.30-11.30am and helpers during the morning are most welcome.  Enquiries please phone James Read 07 828 8449.


Just a quick note to explain some of the tactics Green Peace are using to try and sign New Zealanders up for their programme to cut emissions by 40 percent by 2020.

My flatmate was approached by a Green Peace activists at the University and asked to sign a petition against whaling.

They later emailed him and thank him for signing up to their 40-20 programme. When he rang Green Peace and challenged them over this they proceeded to lecture him for around 5 to 10 minutes on why he should sign up to there cause.

Green Peace said they would remove him from the petition that is now over 226 thousand – but we both have our doubts.

My question is how many others have been duped into signing up for this or simply don’t know they have?

Keep up the good fight people!

Cheers Brett


This is what we are up against:
READ THIS!!!! It shows how seriously the climate alarmists take this issue!
There is going to be a march about climate change and specifically
about reducing methane,

It will be held on Sat outside parliament and is urging people to go

Subject: Why the solution to global warming is in the hands of

Why the solution to global warming is in the hands of individuals

Press Release by Todays Choice, Tomorrows Life at 11:16 am, 27 May 2010

‘Today’s Choice Tomorrow’s Life’, raising awareness about the urgency of
climate change and how the most effective solution lies in the hands of
individuals, will take place at the Beehive this Saturday 29 May at
10am, one week before World Environment Day.

An estimated 200 participants will be coming together, some from as far
as Auckland and Whangarei, to hear speakers including Paul Bruce
(Greater Wellington Regional Councillor), and Jeffrey Masson,
international best-selling author.

In a letter addressed to the Prime Minister the organisers are urging
the Government to focus on reducing shorter-lived greenhouse gases such
as Methane, as the quickest way to stop rising temperatures and
subsequent  runaway global warming.  Copied to all MPs, the organisers
would like to see Parliament seriously consider the proposal as an
essential strategy for mitigating global warming in the near term,
rather than focusing all attention on reducing carbon dioxide emissions
which will not have any effect on cooling the planet immediately.  In NZ
90% of man-made methane emissions are from liivestock.

“Knowing that individuals have the biggest impact to help avoid any
further increase in global temperatures is very empowering.  The easiest
and quickest solution is in the hands of every individual by simply
cutting down and eventually eliminating meat and other animal products.”
Said a spokesperson.

Participants will join together about 11am to go through Lambton Quay
with placards and slogans such as ‘There is no Planet B, Be Veg, Go
Green’ and ‘We’re running out of time, Be Veg, Go Green’.



Broadcasting Standards Authority rules farmers can be called polluters.

The Broadcasting Standards Authority has not upheld a complaint laid by Robin Grieve about a TV One news item.    An item on One News, broadcast on TV One at 6pm on Wednesday 18 November 2009, discussed the Government’s new Emissions Trading Scheme. The news presenter introduced the item by saying:

Farmers may have to fork out an extra $3000 a year in pollution taxes by the year 2030. The Prime Minister says the Agricultural Sector must pay its share under the Emissions Trading Scheme.

Immediately after the introduction, the reporter stated that “Agriculture is our biggest polluter, but farmers say they’re being stung for more than their fair share.”

My complaint was that not only is it insulting and derogatory to use the term pollution and polluter, it is inaccurate.


I have just posted a comment on John Key’s blog : —

[quote]2. Science and Innovation

Our economic future relies on new ideas. This year we will help businesses grow by connecting them with our best scientists and researchers. We’ll invest in more science and business research, drive research into agricultural greenhouse emissions, fund open-access food development facilities, and reform Crown Research Institutes.[/quote] ________________

I would recommend the reading of the report of the Non-governmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC), Climate Change Reconsidered, released on Tuesday, June 2, 2009, for a balanced and scientifically credible summary that refutes the alarmism of the IPCC’s reports.

Although over 800 pages it is readable and well documented. The full report or individual chapters are available in PDF format.

It is found at : —

I’m not sure why it has taken so long for me to discover this report, but it is worth having a read of as it summarises much of the available research on Climate Change up to the time of its publication in June 2009. It is a very readable report and has extensive references to scientific papers to validate it.

Just thought I’d pass this information along in case it helps someone.

Paul T


There is a book which I would urge you, in the strongest terms, to read.
“The Real Global Warming Disaster” by Christopher Booker . Published by Continuum.
It should be available at your library. If you can only read one book this year make sure its this one.
Simon Breeze


Hi guys

I’ve put a YouTube up about CO2 on my website. It would be good to get it to a wider audience
Ken R

Hi all,
Just an update on my complaint to TVNZ re Tuvalu drowning. They have slipped on their response within 20 working days and now say it will be within 40.

On a related theme, some anal retentive has gone to the trouble of getting JibJabMedia to make a copyright complaint against my “Climategate Song: Travesty” youtube video, and get it taken down.

However you can see it here mirrored by axis4peace2

Steve W


Now! how many of you have invested in Carbon Credits?
Just goes to show how the world has been hoodwinked.
Leading scientists have been saying this all along
Global Warming dead. Now its Global Cooling
Climate Science: Noted scientists at a Chicago climate conference declare that global warming is not only dead, but that the planet faces a big chill for decades to come. What about those frozen wind turbines?

It’s not exactly Copenhagen or Kyoto, but the 700 scientists attending the fourth International Conference on Climate Change, sponsored by the Heartland Institute, had some chilling news of their own in the most liberal sense.

“Global warming is over — at least for a few decades,” Don Easterbrook, emeritus professor of geology at Western Washington University, told the gathering. “However, the bad news is that global cooling is even more harmful to humans than global warming, and a cause for greater concern.”


You will note that the online tax calculator that the Nats have put up does not include the BIG NEW ETS TAX. Since including it would wipe out perceived gains for lower tax bracket Kiwis – it is either a deliberate deception, or the ETS will be deferred. Getting tired of the lying !

Seen in Simon Bridge’s facebook (Stan lives in Qld)

Stan Blanch
Hi Giys I’m looking at an average sort of Australian payslip here, 5 days work. Total gross= $1677.72 Total deduction = $282 Nett = $1395.72 However of that deduction $150.99 is Employer paid superannuation .( compulsary here, no employee contribution) So actual Tax paid =$282 -$150 (super) =$122.01.
That equals 9% Tax. Kiwi Politicians shouting … See Moreabout 17% being Great????
Plus there is no GST on 90% of Food products here.
So on a trolley at the supermarket of $250 of groceries, the Government is charging you an additional $37.50 Tax
By the way has Key costed the ETS and made those figures public yet? Bet ya it never happens. It will be the closet kept secret because thinking tax payers will go ballistic!

also seen:

Kevin Campbell
Of course we could mention the ETS on July 1st, if we add that cost back no-one will be getting anything from this budget. Don’t you want to comment on that Simmo?

Ken S


Today (19 May) , in a nearly empty Parliament chamber (don’t we pay these people to be there ?)

Rodney explains to the National party that they are ignoring their (former) supporters – Ken S


One thing I was thinking about was – there is a lot of media publicity about the increase in GST, even though the government is saying this will be compensated for – but no media  are talking about the general overall increase in costs caused by the ETS. There is a good example of this in the Royal New Zealand Herald today. Big story on increased GST cost and that fact that manufacturers might try to “hide” a general increase inside this – but the general and specific cost increases caused by the ETS seem to be being ignored. Not by you of course, but by the media. Cheers DB
David B  (18 May)
The Editor,
Ain’t  history wonderful when it is recorded ? On 10 May , 2005 , Hansard recorded the following from  John  Key .
“On behalf of the National Party I give you the good news , that the climate change amendment bill is a load of rubbish and the National Party will not be supporting it for very good reasons  ‘.He goes on to say ,”putting a self imposed straitjacket on our businesses and saying to foreign investment , don’t come near us . ”  “this is a complete and utter hoax .” Was he supported by other National Party M.Ps?. See Nick Smith’s comments about the same time .
Our now Prime Minister has done a complete  U  turn. Let him produce the proof that has convinced him!  Has he got proof , or is he continuing with this evil plan so that some can make massive amounts of money by investing in this global scam? Maori Forrestry ????
Malcolm  Rollinson.     Timaru .


Yesterdays Dom Post. (May 11)
The National Party has claimed they want to “change behaviour” . A worthy challenge. In our world today we need much behavioural change. Change is a vital part of sustainability, adaptation and continuance.
If we must have an ETS it should be  designed to do just this. One great lesson I have learned is that rewarding positive process is the way. Jon Morgan has summed up some of my concerns about the way the ETs is being introduced. I don’t know any sheep farmers who run more sheep now than they did in 1990 on the same land. Are we yet again to have our huge efforts in efficiency nationised. The average farmer gets 6 cents out of every dollar earned on farm. Is this greedy? Is it too much? Can we achieve environmental sustainability with less? What level of impoverishment would the government think was ideal for farmers to work in to achieve the goal of world leading agricultural producers?
When looking at change behavour I wonder whether one day the Govt will look in the mirror, like Michael Jacksons song.”I’m starting with the man in the mirror, I’m asking him to change his ways. If you want to make this world a better place take a look at yourself and make the change”. I ask how much efficiency has occurred in Government process over recent years? Are they matching the rural sector or just becoming a larger weight. Ask the people of Greece?
Attached. How many tonnes of carbon under our farm? Under vineyards? Do we want pine trees from one end to the other in this land? Are we going to reward huge growths in efficiency where ever they occur, or do we keep praying for salvation while doing nothing to achieve it?
Positive actions, positive outcomes

Here’s the letter I suggest for sending to the PM, Min of Climate
> Change, Min of Research, etc. or local MP. By all means send people to
> the CCG site to get it. They just press a big orange button and this
> message gets set up in their email program. My web site also tells
> them where to find email addresses for the ministers and MPs.
> Here’s the link:
> Dear Mr Key,
> I oppose the ETS. I want you to delay, disable or defeat the ETS.
> If the ETS goes through in its present form with your support,
> don’t come crying to me when you don’t get re-elected next year,
> because I won’t be voting for you and I won’t care if someone else
> gets your seat.
> Yours faithfully,
> I don’t know if anyone has used the email yet, although I myself have
> sent it to Key, Nick Smith and McCully (my MP).
> Cheers,
> Richard

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