Is BP trying to cap the Gulf oil well, or keep it flowing? (opinion)

By Mike Adams, Natural News

I spent the day on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, talking to the locals and conducting interviews with people about the BP oil spill disaster.

I can tell you first-hand that people are enraged over the situation, and nobody down here trusts anything BP is saying anymore.

I filmed several video interviews which we expect to start posting tomorrow.

In the mean time, I learned about a new disturbing theory that says BP isn’t actually trying to CAP the oil well in the Gulf. Rather, they appear to be intentionally trying to keep it flowing so they can TAP it and harvest the oil for profit.

Read more about this disturbing revelation in today’s feature story:

If you didn’t catch yesterday’s story about the failure of the Top Kill plan and the hospitalization of BP’s cleanup workers, read it here:

Also today: Did you know that your pets need healthy food, too?

P.S. On this Memorial Day, I want to honor our nation’s veterans who fought to protect the rights we still practice here — such as Freedom of Speech. Thank you for working to protect our rights, and we will continue to do our part here at NaturalNews to exercise them.

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