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Saturday, May 29, 2010


What to Do?  Take Action NOW!

Urgent! Must Listen to Dr Rima and Dr Wakefield!
Dr. Rima Reports – Internet Radio –  Sunday Night, May 30, 2010

Special Guest: Firestorm Center Andrew Wakefield, MD

10 PM to Midnight

More information on Dr. Rima Reports:
Dr. Rima’s guest: Dr. Andrew Wakefield, MD
Truth Seeker

The Latest Wrinkle in the Wall Street “Reform” Story…
Did we get it right? Does the bill threaten access to natural products?
Yes it does! Read about it here:


During the past couple of months donations have not been coming in as strongly as we need and, with the Natural Solutions Marketplace being redesigned, the help we receive from those sales has also diminished considerably. At the same time, our email list is growing, so Democracy in Action, the nonprofit that we and several hundred other NGOs use to manage our independent email list, has accumulated substantial charges for the added use of their services. Simply put, we are about $8,000 behind in those payments.

When she got the notice of that problem, Dr. Rima immediately put a $5,000 charge on her American Express to keep the service available; we need to raise the funds to repay her American Express card!

We need Health Freedom Angels!  They come in all sizes, and they are all greatly appreciated.  You know how much Dr. Rima and the Natural Solutions Foundation does for you and your health freedom.  So right now, on behalf of Dr. Rima and the Foundation, we are CALLING ALL ANGELS

PLEASE MAKE A SPECIAL DONATION NOW!  All donations to the Natural Solutions Foundation are 100% tax deductible.  And every one goes to keep your health freedom free!

Thank you – Ralph Fucetola for the Trustees

New Yorkers: URGENT – Must Act Now!
Meningitis Vax Mandate About to Pass Assembly

Are You a Health Freedom Oath Keeper?

Totalitarian regimes enlist medical workers and professionals to “justify” and expedite their dictatorial plans.  Say “NO!” to inhuman or illegal orders.  Take the Health Keeper’s Oath and share it widely with others in any aspect of the Health Care Industry.

Cognitive Enhancement Nutrients

Cognitive Enhancement Nutrition: Empower Your Mind!
Dr. Rima and Gen. Bert love these leading-edge products…
Control your own mind! Feed your brain what it needs for discernment and acuity…
“These are the times that try men’s souls…” And their brains.  Are yours ready?
If you’ve had problems placing orders for these extraordinary nutrients, we’ve set up a special email address for you to use; just email your contact information and we’ll call you back right away!  We promise.


One Threat After Another:

New “Killer Algae” Discovered
Nano Silver and Mold

Read Dr. Rima’s “Is Nano Silver Under the Gun Because It IS the Magic Bullet?

Cryptococcus gattii appears to be the latest genetically engineered killer organism.  It is a killer mold altered to have a kill rate of 50%  of those who develop symptoms, usually months after exposure.  Conventional medicine has no way to treat the infection once symptoms appear. If this mold responds to Nano Silver as part of its biological terrain as well as we believe that it should, Nano Silver may be a VERY useful nutrient to have on hand!

“…potentially lethal fungus may spread…” – Health Care Industry Today, May 5, 2010

We recommend Silver Biotics Nano Silver, available at

Urgent Funding Request

Dr. Wakefield: Vaccine Truth Researcher
2. Health Freedom Bike Ride 2010
3. Dr Rima Network and the Dr Rima Institute
4. IMPORTANT: Insider’s Advice: Keep Pounding! Never Stop!
5. Action Items & Videos

Dr Rima Reports: Internet Radio, Sunday Night 10 PM – Midnight (Eastern Time):
Special Guest Dr. Andrew Wakefield URGENT PLEASE JOIN US! Listen or call in at 347-324-3704

How to Listen:

Dr. Wakefield: Vaccine Truth Researcher
On Dr Rima Reports, Sunday 10 PM Eastern

Dr. Rima Reports Internet Radio focused on the Vaccine issue last night, May 23, 2010, and specifically on the attacks against vaccine critic Dr. Andrews Wakefield. In this blog entry, Dr. Rima responds to a vaccine proponent, suggesting that true scientific skepticism is on the side of the “Vaccine Deniers” and that the alleged “skeptics” who denigrate vaccine opponents have become “Science Deniers” who are supporting the vaccination program for self-interest, irrational or emotional reasons, not scientific reasons. First her comments and then Seven Questions for Vaccine Science Deniers. The Doctor is in…

Read more from Dr. Rima Responds to the
“Skeptical” Comments of a Vaccine Proponent…

Insider’s Advice: “Keep Pounding!”

We know you want the bottom line truth… that’s why you come here. Here is what our top DC insider reported back to us today, when we asked him what the status of the now-7-week delayed adoption by the Senate of the fake “Food Safety” bill, S.510. He wrote:

“[This] From a Senate leadership staffer: While we heard a lot about it [S.510] at the beginning of this work period, it’s been pushed to the back-burner and no word on when it could come up again. Keep Pounding! Never Stop! You are having an impact!” You read that right!  Your voices, every one of them, has pushed the enormously important bill to industrialize all food in the US and degrade it to match the horrific Codex standards from the front of the front Senate burner to the back burner!  Not it our job to spread the Action Item to as many people as possible to help them take action, too.  We must keep this bill way, way back on the “Senate Stove” until Congress goes into its Fall Recess later this year.  That’s a big job, but we can do it!  TOGETHER!

The internet is a tricky place.  Not only is there so much information that using it is like drinking from a fire hose, but while there is plenty of information, there is even more disinformation.

The rumor mill, driven by a supposedly “legitimate” health freedom organization put out today that Rep. Waxman’s clause in the Wall Street “reform” bill, which gives the FTC more power to abuse in order to destroy dietary supplement availability by requiring drug type tests for the food category known as dietary supplements, had been removed from the version of the bill approved by the conference committee.

While that’s exactly what we WANT to happen, when we called the Washington office of a certain Texas physician in Congress, we confirmed what we thought we knew: that the House’s members of the conference committee have not even been formally appointed yet, so there is, as yet, not even a conference committee working on this bill.  Sadly, then, there is no victory here yet… But was this poor research on their part, attention grabbing or intentional disinformation to have everyone “stand down” to stop the pressure against this bad amendment?  Time, and whether they continue to put out mis/disinformation will tell.

More important, though, is the fact that Waxman’s dangerous amendment still looms as a threat to our supplements and our access to them.

We’ve modified our Action Item for that bill, now urging the conference committee to protect dietary supplements and natural remedies from enhanced FTC power. So if you have taken this Action Item before, please do it again since the message has been updated to reflect that both the House and the Senate passed this bill with its dangerous amendment and the only place it can be defeated now is in conference committee.

Take Action Here:

Of course, it is imperative that you forward this Action Item to everyone you know asking them to take action once for each member of their household as you have done and then forward it to as many people as they can reach to propagate this Action Item yet further.

Harkin and Hatch: The Newly Minted Bad News Bears

And now two self-proclaimed friends of supplements, Senators Harkin and Hatch have introduced a new bill increasing FDA funding! That’s right!  Their idea?  Give the FDA MORE power to abuse.

This after a record 23% increase in FDA funding last year! We kid you not. This next-in-line bad bill is called the Dietary Supplement Full Implementation and Enforcement Act of 2010 and even “natural products” business groups are supporting it! See: — we suspect there is some strategy in play here where our friends think that they can stave off harsher regulation by offering their own bill – assuming that they are still our friends, that is. We respectfully disagree. Unbridled Power is never decreased by authorizing more tax funds!

Just in case the FDA strikes you as a bunch of good guys, recall that we are suing them in

1. The Stop the Shot Case to prevent the deployment of ALL influenza vaccines

2. The Ear Candling Case to prevent giving the FDA a precedent to simply kill any and all natural health strategies and considering becoming involved in several more.

By the way, if you want to support our court actions to restore and safeguard our health and freedom, please make a donation at ending in the number “6″ so we will know that you want this donation earmarked for legal battles.  And thanks, in advance!

On the up side, we see several truly good bills in Congress, to offset the bad bills. Taking action to support them is every bit as important as taking action against bad pills and policy.  See our Trustee and Counsel Ralph’s video and Action Item blog for details:

And One More Thing… or Two…

GOOD NEWS: Here is some inspiring and very, very good news.  Haitian Farmers Rise Up and Threaten to Burn Monsanto Franken Seeds!

BAD NEWS: New York’s legislature is considering making the meningitis vaccine mandatory – with alleged, not proven, benefits for school children at 7th graders and college Freshmen).

Action Step Here:
Take Action Immediately If You are a New Yorker: Forward This Item URGENTLY to Every New Yorker You Can Reach.

Why? Because we know we must “Keep Pounding! Never Stop!”

Read our Supporter Coordinator Kathy Greene’s inspiring blog entry,
“We Are ‘Crying Wolf’… Because There is a Pack of Wolves at the Door!”

Urgent Funding Request

The Latest Wrinkle in the Wall Street “Reform” Story…
Did we get it right? Does the bill threaten access to natural products?
Yes it does! Read about it here:


Health Freedom Bike Ride 2010

We are happy to announce that Ryan, a brave Health Freedom supporter (and professional BMX bike rider) from the Chicago area has volunteered to ride from there to the Natural Solutions Foundation’s Valley of the Moon™ Eco Community in Panama,, to raise awareness for Natural Solutions. Learn more about this upcoming event:


The Dr. Rima Network


The Valley of the Moon Natural Solutions Institute, which we call the “Dr. Rima Institute” for short, is about to open in the beautiful, bountiful, temperate highlands community of Volcan, Panama as early as the end of June. You can read more about this, follow progress (we will be posting photos and videos!) at the Dr. Rima Network web site: where you will also find a description of many of the natural protocols,, to be offered at the Institute.

Mauled Malls: Technical Difficulties as We Upgrade to a Brand New System for You

About our virtual malls: and have been temporarily shut down for new site design testing.  Customers who tried out site found that they were able to place orders but that sometimes there were unaccustomed difficulties.  We have been working diligently to get our new store shopping carts up and running and, in fact, in a short time we will be up and running again (as soon as our compuer geniuses tell us we are ready to go!)  In the meantime, please continue to purchase the following products from the Natural Solutions Foundation, since your purchases support our activities.

Valley of the Moon Coffee:

Non Toxic, Clean, Beyond Organic… Powerfully Antioxidant…

What?  You’re Still Drinking Ordinary Chemical Coffee?
You Have No Idea What You Are Missing!

Health Freedom’s Own Coffee, Valley of the Moon Coffee, Will Delight You, While You Support the Natural Solutions Foundation With Your Morning Java! Make a donation and get your coffee.  Once you taste this exceptional brew, we know you will love it!  Write to us at to let us know your experience drinking Valley of the Moon Coffee.  We are confident that it will the finest cup of coffee you have ever tasted in your life, bar none!


Cognitive Enhancement Nutrition:
Empower Your Mind!

Dr. Rima and Gen. Bert love these leading-edge products…
Control your own mind! Feed your brain what it needs for discernment and acuity…
“These are the times that try men’s souls…” Are you ready?

Dr. Rima has designed a third, very special
Dietary Supplement Mind Enhancement Pack!

To learn more, or to try the products, go to:

You know there is a battle going on for your mind (or maybe against it!). Part of the Globalist Agenda to reduce human population and restrict our freedoms goes on in our own heads, as we are subjected to a level of propaganda that can only be termed “mind controlling.” Its success depends on making sure that we are dumb, dull, deluded and distracted….

See the video interview with Dr. Rima and Gen. Bert:

Let me quote General Bert, “‘Focus and clarity’ were the words Ralph used to describe the Cognitive Enhancement nutrients, and that is exactly what I experienced. Both my long and short term memory are enhanced by these products and my thinking processes are noticeably sharper. I am very impressed and intend to continue using them.”

There are numerous smart nutrients, but few of them, working synergistically, have the capability of doing what these products actually do. In this battle to take back our food, our health and our freedoms, we must all be as mentally sharp as possible. That is why the genocidal elitists want us under-nourished and unable to think. I was so impressed with these products that I immediately began to study them and their impact. I researched the ingredients and am satisfied that there is no indication of a lack safety when used as directed. That’s when I decided to create combination packs that would support mental function without agitating; would enhance cognition without later let-down. Dr. Rima

If you’ve had problems placing orders for these extraordinary nutrients, we’ve set up a special email address for you to use; just email your contact information and we’ll have you called back right away!

Nano Silver


Detox Products,


Action Items Video

Watch the Video / Take the Actions:


Please watch Dr. Rima’s brief lecture on the Globalist Agenda and then share it with everyone you know:

Take this video viral along with an invitation to everyone you send it to inviting them to join the Health Freedom Action eAlerts to become involved and powerful!

Please read: Insider’s Advice: Keep Pounding! Never Stop!

Remember, Health Freedom Isn’t Free.

Please consider our Urgent Funding Request

Better, please Set Up Your Recurring Monthly Tax Deductible Donation Now!

100% of Your Donation Goes to Defending YOUR Health Freedom

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

Medical Director
Rima E. Laibow MD
Natural Solutions Foundation




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New Vax Mandate Threat to Children: NY Meningitis Vax

May 26th, 2010

Natural Solutions Foundation
The Voice of Global Health Freedom™

URGENT!! This just in from Heather Walker of the NY Vaccine activists: A bill to require meningitis vaccine for 7th graders and ALL college students is gaining momentum in Albany!

Bill S7156 passed the Senate Health Committee and is due for a floor vote.

Bill A10313 will be voted on the Assembly Health Committee any given Tuesday.

We have to FLOOD The Assembly & Senate with calls and e-mails. They must vote ‘no’ on Bills S7156 and A10313!


This bill is only steps away from LAW. We need to stop it. Our lawmakers will listen to these reasons:

* There is NO meningitis health ‘emergency’. Why the extreme measure?
* Less that .005% of the entire US contracts the disease yearly.
* Mandatory shots cost MILLION$$$. NY is $9.2B in debt. Financial pain is everywhere. We’re increasing our burden?
* There is nothing stopping people from getting the shot right now.
* The vaccine does not address all strains.
* The vaccine can contain mercury-filled thimerosal


Find them at and and

* CALL THIS LIST of Assembly Health Committee Members
Find their e-mails at
All phones numbers begin with 1-518-455- ####
Richard N. Gottfried, Chair, 4941
Jim Bacalles, 5791
Jonathan L. Bing, 4794
Kevin A. Cahill, 4436
Robert Castelli, 5397
James D. Conte, 5732
Steven Cymbrowitz, 5214
Jeffrey Dinowitz, 5965
Sandy Galef, 5348
Aileen M. Gunther, 5355
Andrew Hevesi, 4926
Rhoda Jacobs, 5385
Charles D. Lavine, 5456
William B. Magnarelli, 4826
Nettie Mayersohn, 4404
David G. McDonough, 4633
Joel M. Miller, 5725
Amy Paulin, 5585
Crystal D. Peoples, 5005
Jack Quinn, 4462
Naomi Rivera, 5844
Linda B. Rosenthal, 5802
Robin Schimminger, 4767
Lou Tobacco, 4495
Darryl C. Towns, 5821

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Yes, we are “crying wolf…” because there is a wolf pack at the door.

May 24th, 2010

Natural Solutions Foundation
The Voice of Global Health Freedom™

Yes we are “crying wolf…” because there is a wolf pack at the door!

Our indomitable supporter coordinator, Kathy Greene, responds to many email inquiries on behalf of Dr. Rima and Health Freedom USA. Our last Health Freedom Action eAlert elicited a comment from a long-time supporter: “Hi, I am a physician and have a huge mailing list that I will send to BUT you guys cry wolf so many times… when is it real???”

Hi Dr J. I don’t know how closely you follow the legislation being considered in Washington DC, but we have consistently been RIGHT about what is being introduced to limit our use of nutrients It is real right now.


It was because we SCREAMED over the McCain Bill last month, that he pulled it. He said he had received over 300,000 emails in 48 hours against the Bill (and he is running for re-election), so he decided to pull it.

Unfortunately, some of the worst in that Bill was added to the “Slap Wall Street on the Back of the Wrist and give the Fed Reserve more Power Bill”, even though that Bill allegedly had nothing to do with nutrients. We warned the industry about that Bill and they ignored the warnings — now they are scrambling to figure out how to protect themselves from it.

Attacks on health freedom increasing…

Usually we fight health freedom issues one or two at a time. Now we are being hit with many, many issues such as irradiation of foods; the spraying of foods with viruses; chemtrails; pharmaceuticals and toxins in water supplies; vaccines (we have received info on over two hundred women who passed stillborn babies within days of getting the shot); man-made diseases such as the swine flu; toxins fed to the meat supply; Bills in Wash DC that would control both our food supply and nutrients; the international Codex rulings (with which the FDA has already said they will comply) and the push by Monsanto to control the world food supply with their GM, very toxic seeds.

While some European countries are beginning to reject these seeds (having tested and seen the problems they create), the U.S. is pushing them, and insisting that GM “food” NOT be labeled GM, “or Americans will not eat it”. You will not hear this on the mainstream media because those in power own that media. They would love us to put the white gloves on and say “pretty please, can we still have a few of our vitamins?”

Instead, we are loudly exposing them for what they are doing. We do this as a small group, volunteering most of our hours to this effort and managing to get to as many people as we do AND to get several hundred thousand letters to Wash DC every month on very little funding. You should think more kindly of us.

Their hatred makes us stronger…

We have been told via the Washington grapevine, that there are those in power who hate us; that the swine flu was supposed to be a major pandemic. But we were doing our homework and realized that the patents for the vaccines existed BEFORE the “novel” virus. That is not possible in science land. Further research indicated that the virus was lab made. Did we SCREAM? You bet! All of a sudden the swine flu threat disappeared. You do not spread something when there is ample evidence being collected against you!

Is it “crying wolf” when your crying prevents something bad from happening?

Further, the louder we scream, the more emails go to Washington. We have done testing and that has proven to be true. And since the threats to our health freedom are very real, it is important that we fight each new regulation BEFORE it is set in stone. So think nice thoughts about us as you swallow that vitamin C each morning! And get MORE involved!

Kathy Greene
For Health Freedom

We can’t do it without your support; please donate whatever you can; it all helps!


Update: Subsequent email exchange:

Thanks, J…! -Kathy

On Mon, May 24, 2010 at 9:28 PM, J… wrote:

Thank you for taking the time to respond… I get it… I will work harder to extend your message… J

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