Bill Gates funds bizarre vaccine nanotechnology and sterilization tech‏

Bill Gates is now funding nanotech vaccine research that could lead to covert vaccines being forced upon you without your knowledge or consent (just like fluoride in the public water supply).   Read Mike Adams’ report on the scary technologies now being funded by Bill Gates:

Suffering from asthma? It might be caused (or worsened) by a vitamin D deficiency:

For more go here.

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4 Responses to Bill Gates funds bizarre vaccine nanotechnology and sterilization tech‏

  1. Ross Wolf says:

    While this article discussed Bill Gate’s funding of nanoparticles and the potential of “sweat-triggered vaccine delivery” systems; and how such systems might covertly be used to spray nanoparticles to penetrate humans’ skin to administer vaccines; Not considered are the risks terrorists could potentially adopt nanoparticle delivery systems as a weapon of mass destruction to harm or destroy civilian populations. Not Addressed: in the past 50-years several vaccines have been discovered defective and recalled; what might happen should a government covertly spay millions of people with a harmful nanoparticle vaccine; how would a government explain it; would a government even admit to it? Who would pay medical costs of people injured by a covert nanoparticles vaccine?

    Importantly, governments and terrorists might adopt nanoparticles to covertly spray and penetrate the skin of civilian populations with biological or chemical agents that cause terminal illnesses or delayed death in terms of days, months or years. It might be possible for a government to spray civilian populations with benign nanoparticles—then subsequently years later spray from a plane or other means a (binary biological agent) to interact in people pre-exposed to earlier spaying of nanoparticles; a corrupt government could have power over life and death deciding which people they wanted removed before the second spaying…the binary agent. Covertly spaying nanoparticles could be used as a weapon by a government to eliminate civilian populations deemed a political or economic burden or for that matter any country. (Covert spaying or other delivery) of nanoparticles to penetrate human beings, animals or on any product foreseeable or intended for human or animal consumption should be considered Terrorism.

  2. st says:

    Ironically, on the same day the New York Times article, “Safety Rules Can’t Keep Up With Biotech Industry” broke, the scientific watchdog group, The Council for Responsible Genetics-GeneWatch Magazine submitted the electronic version of the print subscription; March-April 2010 issue titled, “BioLab Safety”.

    The Editor of GeneWatch, Sam Anderson stated in the Editorial Section, ” This may be one of the most important GeneWatch issue in recent memory”.

    The electronic version of GeneWatch magazine; BioLab Safety is available free online at This 28 page electronic version can be read as you would a “printed” magazine issue.

    March-April 2010 issue; “BioLab Safety” articles:

    A Cruel and Unusual Corporation
    By Ralph Nader
    A Roach in the Kitchen
    By CRG staff – interview with Becky McClain
    Commentary: GM Crops
    By Eric Hoffman
    Dedication: Tony Mazzocchi
    By Jeremy Gruber
    Give Them an Inch…
    By Michael Siciliano
    One Bug, One Drug
    By Lynn Klotz, Edward Sylvester
    The Lab in My Backyard
    By Beth Willis
    Teatime in the Lab
    By Sam Anderson
    Book Review: Breeding Bio Insecurity and Germs Gone Wild
    By Andrew Thibedeau
    Flushing It Down the Rabbit Hole
    By Andrew Thibedeau
    Topic: Genetic Discrimination
    By Jeremy Gruber
    Topic: Forensic DNA Databanks
    By CRG Staff
    The Case of Dr. Malcolm Casadaban
    By CRG Staff

  3. This seems so interesting 🙂

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