Newsletter No. 17.5 From The NZ Climate Realists Against the ETS

Hello again Climate Realists…

Activists, Neil & Esther Henderson

apologies for two newsletters in such a short time but here are the reasons:


Do you live within easy driving distance of the Oamaru Opera House?

The National Party regional conference will be there THIS weekend… we already have a commitment to be there on the part of one of our members but
we are looking for others to join him….
the media has already latched on to this and is covering the protest so a good showing of concerned citizens would be GREAT!!!
Can you make it? Do you know someone in or near Oamaru who can?
Contact us at if you can be there and we’ll put you in touch with the local coordinator.
It is vital that we put maximum pressure on National MP’s to effect change from within the party…. by standing peacefully outside with placards stating our opinion on the ETS we are supporting those who have already moved and unanimously passed remits against the ETS in Hamilton last weekend!
2. John Boscawen has several more meetings planned, details below.
On MONDAY 24th May he will be in Winton, Gore and Invercargill….
hence this reminder!

Ramping up the Pressure

John Boscawen has held 19 Public Meetings on the ETS so far, and now more and more New Zealanders are putting pressure on the government to defer it before it is too late.

In response to this, Nick Smith and the National M.P.’s are fighting a rear guard action and publishing incorrect and misleading statements in an effort to neutralise the economic logic John Boscawen is presenting at these meetings and through the media.  But this is a last-ditch attempt to justify the unreasonable excesses of an ETS regime.

Come to one of John Boscawen’s next Public Meetings. Not only will you learn things about the ETS you may not know, join the movement to defer the ETS well armed with the facts, not the mistruths National are peddling.

GORE- Monday 24 May – 11 am, The James Cumming Wing, Ardwick Street, Gore

WINTON – Monday 24 May – 3.30 pm, The Salvation Army Hall, 7 Dejoux Road, Winton

INVERCARGILL – Monday 24 May – 7.30 pm, 6th floor conference room, Kelvin Hotel

Corner Kelvin & Esk Streets, Invercargill

AUCKLAND – Monday 31 May – 7.00 pm, The Marists Clubhouse (North Harbour Stadium Grounds)

Other meetings scheduled, venues to be advised

Thursday 3 June – NELSON –– 8 pm

Friday 4 June – MOTUEKA –– 10 am

Tuesday 8 June – MASTERTON –- 7.30 pm

Wednesday 9 June – PAIHIATUA –- 10 am, FEILDING – 1.30 pm, PALMERSTON NORTH – 7.30 pm

Thursday 10 June – DANNEVIRKE –– 10 am, WAIPUKURAU – 1.30 pm, HASTINGS – 7.30 pm

Friday 11 June – NAPIER – 10.00 am

Monday 14 June – DARGAVILLE – 11 am, WHANGAREI – 7.30 pm


Campaign To Defer The ETS Continues with John Boscawen

Monday, May 24, 2010
3:30pm – 5:00pm
The Salvation Army Hall, 7 Dejoux Road, Winton


Growing numbers of New Zealanders – including many National supporters – are disillusioned with the Government’s continued refusal to delay or scrap the ETS.

“National promised that we would not be world leaders, yet that is what we will be on July 1 as none of our major trading partners – Australia, China and the US – have implemented an ETS, or look likely to, in the immediate to medium-term future.”

“With our economy as it is, having just come out of a recession, continuing with the ETS is simply reckless. I am continuing my campaign to defer the Government’s ETS.

“I invite all members of the public, who want to learn exactly how much the ETS will cost them and their families, to come along. It’s not too late for the Government to delay the scheme, every voice counts.”

What you need to know:

• The government and power generators will soon be celebrating windfall profits while you’re suffering a 5% price rise.

• Petrol will soon go up 4 cents a litre because of the ETS.

• The above rises will double to 10% and 8 cents a litre by 2013.

• The cost of EVERYTHING ELSE will go up after July 1, as the increased cost of power and transport forces increases across the board.

• Note: these rises do not include rises in GST and other `normal’ increases.

• New Zealand is the only country to blindly press ahead with such a punishing eco-tax, despite mounting evidence that the science behind global warming is not close to being settled.

• All our major trading partners have put the brakes on their emissions remedies – so they can’t punish us if we do the same.

• Only by making your voice heard can you avoid this totally unnecessary eco-tax. Come along and find out how.


About Clare Swinney

Interested in what is really going on, not that promoted as "truth" by the corrupt mainstream media.
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