Message From A Christchurch Reader About Vaccine-Pushing Propaganda

Reader, Jeff Mitchell of Christchurch wrote:

"On the 9th of this month, the Christchurch Press
attacked parents who don't vaccinate their children.
They also said that only conspiracy theorists
question the safety of vaccines (a clear
marginalisation attempt here).
Today I walked into a New World supermarket,
and I saw that North & South has an equally hideous
provaccine article which probably tries to stamp out
anyone with an opposing view. While I was there
I also saw that New Scientist is pushing nonsense
about how questioning things is bad. NS states that
questioning 9/11, vaccines and global warming is
basically a symptom of mental illness.

I recommend flicking through these magazines at shops.
If it's busy then you could easily get away with
reading a full article for free.
Better yet, pull money together and share the cost
of the magazines between several people.
This should be done in Wellington so people
can understand how these establishment mouth-pieces

It's reminiscent of the Gartner article, which said
that Alex Jones is dangerous. This stuff reeks of
Cass Sunstein! Only read it if you can somehow
bear it, or use it for good purposes.
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