Satellite Pictures Show Evidence Of Mass Chemtrailing Operation Over Ocean Adjacent Northland New Zealand

Geo-engineering seems to be in full swing, in spite of the denials it is occurring from officials.

A Wellington reader e-mailed this message:

“On May the 4th I visited, which is something I do every day.   To my surprise I could make out dozens of trails over the eastern-Tasman sea. They were in a tic-tac-toe formation.  When one looks at satellite pictures day after day, month after month, year after year, one is able to pick out the unnatural from the natural,  readily.  Consequently,  I saved the images in a Word document for safe keeping, because to me it looked like a mass of unnatural cloud formations formed by aircraft flying in straight lines criss-crossing each other.
Chemtrails are visible via satellite over New Zealand about once a month from my observation, however I know for a fact that they appear far more often than that, from my ground observations.  I have noticed however, that often on the heavy spray days in Wellington, that Landcare Research does NOT update the NOAA-19 satellite picture of New Zealand.  Is that a coincidence?”

Click on the links to look at the satellite images.  It is obvious that giant chemtrails were being sprayed over the sea:

1) May 4th 18.00-1 (see below).

2) May 4th 1800 invert


3) Mass trails NZ 1600 Tuesday the 5th of Jan 2010.

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One Response to Satellite Pictures Show Evidence Of Mass Chemtrailing Operation Over Ocean Adjacent Northland New Zealand

  1. Donna Bird says:

    I asked them (NIWA) about three years ago were they cleaning up the sat images. They denied this and said “we don’t believe in chemtrals ”
    Its interesting the former head of the Russian biowarfear program now works for Battelle labs who are responsible for the chemtrails, from the frying pan to the fire. I wonder how many defected vector lab workers we have here .
    Having said that’ the department of consnsevaion DoC dump poison all over so do MAF so we have our own traitors poisoning paradise and getting away with the mass extermination of wildlife with 1080 and other sadistic poisons you would expect assassin to use.
    They will have to stop when they run out of species to kill. if only the hundredth monkey would point one of those H202 rockets at the deviates.
    And if you don’t like this DOC and MAF you can Kiss my ass!

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