Professor Niels Harritt To Give Lecture In Sydney

Details for the Prof Niels Harritt Sydney Lecture are as follows;

Did Explosives Bring Down the Three Towers on 9/11?

Lecture by: Professor Niels H. Harritt

Brief: Dr Niels H. Harritt is a Professor of Chemistry and expert in Nano Technology at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Early last year he as lead author and 8 other scientists published a peer revived and still unchallenged paper concluding Nano-Thermite was found in samples of dust generated by the towers destruction. Nano-Thermite is a military grade explosive incendiary, so Harritt asks what is it doing at ground zero?

Preliminary Lecture details:

Time: 7-10pm

Date: Saturday 17th of July, 2010

Place: Mitchell Theatre; Sydney Mechanics’ School of Arts, 280 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Cost: FREE ($10 Donation suggested on entry)

Press Conference: will be held in the Woolley Room next to venue entrance at 6:30pm

Note: the venue holds approximately 170 persons so it will be full, to avoid disappointment please arrive at 6:30pm. Long distant travellers may reserve seats by e-mail to John Bursill

A new website will soon be up in honour of this occasion and will serve as an Australian media base for all things 9/11 and only 9/11 related material will be published there. The sites address is and has the support of and will be of a similar nature.

Kindest regards John Bursill – Event Organiser

PS: Help will be needed to spread the word about this event, so once we have the fliers I will let you all know so you can distribute them!
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