Is NZ’s Prime Minister, John Key ‘Shonky’?

4 May 2010, By Penny Bright, Media Spokesperson
Water Pressure Group.

Check out these banners, unfurled on 1 May 2010, at both the anti-mining and May Day marches! There are photos also  up on my blog here:

Is ‘corporate raider’ John Key   leading another corporate raid – not just on Auckland regional infrastructural assets through the $UPERCITY legislation – but also on our priceless New Zealand national parks?

Is John Key in public office to look after his own and his corporate mates’ interests – or the public interest? Is John Key a selfish, greedy ‘pig’?

According to the ‘Register of Interests’ for NZ MPs

Pg 36  “Hon John KEY (National, Helensville)

2 Interests (such as shares and bonds) in companies and business entities

Little Nell – property investment
Bank of America – banking

Jackson Mining – gold mining “

Is John Key ‘fit for duty’ as Minister for Tourism, when he supports the mining of ‘green’ NZ?  Especially if John Key could himself personally financially benefit?  Isn’t  ‘misuse of public office for private gain’ – the definition of  CORRUPTION?

Should MPs – especially Ministers –  be allowed to hold any shares in any companies while they are in public office?

How on earth is New Zealand perceived by Transparency International to be the ‘least corrupt country in the world’?

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