Mutant cows die in GM trial in NZ

 NZHerald By Eloise Gibson 4:00 AM Saturday May 1, 

Genetically modified cows were born with ovaries
that grew so large they caused ruptures and killed 
the animals.
The bungled experiment happened during a study by
AgResearch scientists at Ruakura, Hamilton, to 
find human fertility treatments through GM
cows' milk.
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2 Responses to Mutant cows die in GM trial in NZ

  1. Nik says:

    Well at least this aspect of society, as relates to the madder than a hatter value system of the compounding private Debt money that govt. enforces, is now to some extent being diverted/funded into think tanks etc dedicated to ‘human induced climate change’.

    Have to admit, is a slight improvement from that of the bulk funding for genetically modified innovations to plant and animal life in order to save society!

    The funding is all emanating from the same sources also, which is sure to be no news to the objective personality of Clare Swinney.

  2. Clare Swinney says:

    It mentions they were working on “human fertility treatments” through GM cows’ milk. Who wants to bet on the odds that they were looking for yet more ways to make people INfertile?

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