Reality Report’s Sunday Digest From Gary Franchi

Here are the reports and interviews we recorded so that you can make informed decisions and have the tools you need to help in getting your friends, family and co-workers hip to whats REALLY going on in America today.
In Reality Report #41 I covered the further exclusion of constitutionally minded activists being kicked out of Tea Parties, exposing the fascist infusion of the neo-con agenda. Also included is the link to my interview with Students for Liberty President, AlexanderMcCobin to discussing the Liberty Movement on campuses across America.
Unfortunately we don’t have a report on the Trilateral
Commission from Patrick Wood this week however
I’ll include the link to last weeks report if you missed
it. Included also this week is a link to my presentation
on FEMA Camps from the Health Freedom Conference
and the CNN coverage of the “Patriot Movement”.
Please make it a point to post and share our
latest videos… that is how we spread the word!
REALITY REPORT #41 – The Tea-O Con Takeover
>> Here’s the link:
>> Youtube alternative:

Special Interview – Alexander McCobin – Students For Liberty

REALITY REPORT – Patrick Wood Report 4/14/2010
>> Here’s the link:
>> Youtube alternative:
CNN – Radical or Right – Anger Against the Government
>> Youtube link:

Chicago Tea Party Rally – The People Speak – 4/15/10
>> Here’s the link:
>> Youtube alternative:

The TRUTH about FEMA Camps
>> Here’s the link:
>> Youtube alternative:

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In Freedom,
Gary Franchi

P.S. You can now watch the 2009 Continental
Congress DVD online for free or order your copies
for mass burning and distribution at: http://Freedom.TV
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