Brasscheck TV: A Shill For The Wall Street Crooks Who Are Ripping off the public

Brasscheck Predictably, Jim Kramer, arch Wall Street BS artist,
was on the air yesterday shilling for Wall Street
right after his former employer was charged
with securities fraud  

"You gotta be in the market!" Kramer shouted. 

That sounds more like an ad for the lottery
than advice for where to entrust their life savings. 

Kramer lectured his listeners that the market
is "not rigged."


Now for the real story. 

He's some video that shows how Kramer and his
friends manipulate the markets and financially
brutalize anyone trusting enough to believe
his baloney.  

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One Response to Brasscheck TV: A Shill For The Wall Street Crooks Who Are Ripping off the public

  1. This is one part of the financial triangle erupting in America: money, credit and wallstreet

    There are many debates on which of the three or the most powerful and which will serve the public well and do no harm.

    As an astute observer with many hours spent researching all three it is my conclusion that it is credit that affects the common man on mainstreet the most.

    However all three are so interconnected that what tends to happen in one area has a cascading effect in the other two areas.

    To get a feel of what will happen with the glowing headlines about Goldman Sacs pay close attention to how mainstreet will digest and react to the new revelations. It is quite predictable what the U.S. government will do a.k.a SEC .

    What will be the end game? What is the next move in the financial chess match. The SEC is out of its league.

    As always there will be winners and losers and the law of unintended circumstances will land a decisive blow as usual.

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