Pipe bomb set off in phone box

This news is a few days old. Look at this photo – is that the Twin Towers depicted in that picture on the left?

Stuff  5/4/2010 A phone box in Newtown has been wrecked by a pipe bomb.

The blast hit the John St phone box at 4.40am on Saturday, destroying the phone and showering the street in glass.

Though the bomb was not powerful enough to kill, the flying glass could have caused nasty cuts, police say.

The blast was heard by ambulance driver Chris Matthews, who was passing at the time.

Mr Matthews, 27, said the phone box was still smoking when he arrived at the scene. “There was a distinctive smell of gunpowder and I saw a piece of pipe on the road …”

For more:  http://www.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/local/3546829/Pipe-bomb-set-off-in-phone-box

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One Response to Pipe bomb set off in phone box

  1. Rave says:

    Yes, it is by a local artist (name I cannot recall), down the right hand side of the picture are the words Lie lie lie lie lie lie lie .

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