Sunday Video Digest From Restore The Republic

I hope you’re having a great Sunday! Here is the weekly rundown of short videos, interviews, and reports our crew has put together for you, so you can get educated on the issues and more importantly educate those around you!
We had alot of requests to cover the Obama Birth Certificate issue so we interviewed the controversial Dr.Orlt Taitz. We also interviewed the famous Walter Burionwho explains his Tax Escrow Solution. Patrick Wood returned to connect the dots to the puppet masters behind Obama… and Tom Deweese joined us on the Reality Report to explain how the “Green Movement” is really just a scam to take your freedom.
It’s really a powerful line up this week, I hope you absorb it all and make it a point to post and share the videos… that is how we spread the word!
REALITY REPORT #38 – The Obama Army: Revealed
Here’s the link:
REALITY REPORT – Tom DeWeese on Agenda 21
Here’s the link:
REALITY REPORT – Patrick Wood exposing the Trilateral Commission
Here’s the link:
NEWS ALERT – Walter Burien Special Interview
Here’s the link:
INTERVIEW – Candidate Stephen Broden
Here’s the link:
REALITY REPORT- Orly Taitz Interview
Here’s the link:
NEWS ALERT – Tax Day Strike
Here’s the link:

Youtube alternative:

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In Freedom,

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