New Video: Why Is The Sky Not As Blue In Whangarei, New Zealand?

Huge amounts of a highly reflective material have been added into the atmosphere over Whangarei, in Northland, New Zealand during March and early-April, 2010. There was a massive amount added today also. This substance probably includes nano-sized particles of aluminium oxide, which pass through the blood-brain barrier.

The public, on the whole, seems oblivious to the fact that the lovely blue sky is being taken away bit by bit in the vague name of “geo-engineering.”  Thus, this film was made to wake them up to the crime of environmental vandalism that is taking place and reveal why the amount of sunlight reaching Whangarei, is progressively diminishing.
Watch it here:

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3 Responses to New Video: Why Is The Sky Not As Blue In Whangarei, New Zealand?

  1. Donna Bird says:

    Just got back from up that way
    seen the chemical haze around the moon 4am and Sunday night as well
    look up people they are trying to make us sick

  2. HWD says:

    I have been observing chemtrails like this for years over various parts of NZ, particularly over Wellington since 2000 (see Betty Rowe link below). I regularly stayed in a house facing west where I had a grandstand view of planes laying down chemtrails high over the Cook Strait (probably from the direction of Marlborough) which would then spread out to cover the whole city. Often I would wake up in the morning to a completely white sky, with visible sundogs – they had been busy spraying all night. The weather forecast would be for fine weather but the sky would be clouded over, soon followed by unscheduled rain. The airport would often be closed by unusual fog. At the time of one of our national elections there was a massive amount of chemtrail activity over Wellington. There seems to be an awful lot of severe flu like illness in Wellington with whole schools affected at one stage. I have also seen chemtrails over the volcanic plateau, Lake Taupo area, over the Hokianga/Bay of Islands March last year, New Plymouth area and also frequently over Auckland. The white haze in your photo is commonplace in Auckland plus “sundogs” which I saw just a few weeks ago. It’s only the Iceland volcanic eruption which seems to have given us a bit of temporary respite from the spray planes. Some links: and

    • Clare Swinney says:

      They are far more often associated with drought and stopping scheduled rain from occurring. It seems odd that they were associated with unscheduled rain there.
      States Clifford Carnicom on his website:
      “Recent analysis leads to the conclusion that the extensive and systematic aerosol operations that are being conducted without informed consent are aggravating, if not instigating, the elevated drought conditions that are now commonly being observed.” – 2002 article entitled: ‘Drought Inducement.’ See:

      Geo-engineering = genocidal engineering!

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