Good Riddance to the Big 9/11 Lie: Kevin Ryan’s ‘Demolition Access …’Lights the Shadows’

by Don Paul

Now Kevin Ryan has built for us one more great resource. His ‘Demolition Access …’ forms in its breadth and depths and strata something like a cavernous mountain of light that might be seen to face the skyscrapers that were taken down on September 11, 2001. Peer into the shadows it exposes. Follow its labyrinthian connections. Trace the links between the Boards and conspirators among the millionaires and billionaires it names. See what happened when more than 2600 died–never forget–and see what is further happening to your nation, your integrity and sanity, your childrens’ future, and your world. Feel that a good soul has bravely brought you news that may save your family.

See full essay here.

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