How Long Before Paid Propagandists Exploit Moscow Tragedy To Push For Ubiquitous Naked Body Scanners?

Washington DC Metrobus bomb exercise planned for this morning to convince Americans that terror threat is real and does not comprise solely of mental deficients and FBI-groomed patsies

How Long Before Paid Propagandists Exploit Moscow Tragedy To Push For Ubiquitous Naked Body Scanners? 290310top2

Paul Joseph Watson
Monday, March 29, 2010

Considering the swiftness with which paid propagandists for full body scanners exploited the staged Christmas Day bombing attempt, don’t expect to wait too long before today tragic events in Moscow are pillaged and used to scare people into accepting whatever draconian measures are next in the pipeline.

Indeed, on the very same day two bombs ripped apart Metro trains in the Russia capital, killing at least 37 people, we learn that Washington DC authorities will be simulating an explosion on a Metrobus this morning, eager to convince an increasingly skeptical American public that the government really does need to take away their rights to protect them from dangerous terrorists who aren’t mental deficients or patsies groomed by FBI agents.

“The exercise, which will include loud noise, is planned for 10 a.m. Monday at the RFK Stadium parking lot,” reports, and is funded by a $1.2 million U.S. Department of Homeland Security Urban Area Security Initiative grant.

“As part of the drill, emergency personnel will assist many passengers who are injured. Plus, the drill will include the discovery of a second explosive on a bus in a garage. A phone call to authorities will say that additional explosive devices have been placed on other buses.”


How Long Before Paid Propagandists Exploit Moscow Tragedy To Push For Ubiquitous Naked Body Scanners? 090310banner1

In addition, we learn that bomb sniffing dogs and uniformed patrols will be increased in response to the Moscow bombing, which will undoubtedly be accompanied by a fresh wave of unconstitutional personal searches and interrogations of completely innocent people going about their business.

New York City buses and subways, as well as the Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North commuter trains will also be subject to a “heightened security presence” as a result of the blasts in Moscow, reports NBC New York.

Since airport-style security measures, including hand pat downs and metal detector wanding, are already in place at many bus depots across the U.S., how long will it be before paid propagandists like Michael Chertoff come out and call for the introduction of naked body scanners at every major transport hub in America?

With public acceptance of the scanners increasingly turning sour amidst abuse scandals and state legislation that would bar them from being introduced, don’t for a minute think goons like Chertoff won’t be callous enough to exploit the freshly dead corpses of dozens of victims as grist for another scanner public relations blitz.

Invoking the threat of Muslim terrorists to mandate compliance, authorities will obviously be keen to avoid the prickly fact that just about every major terror bust in both the U.S. and the western world since 9/11 has turned out to be little more than a bunch of patsies and mental deficients radicalized primarily by the prodding of FBI provocateurs and security service agents whose job it is to manufacture terrorists where otherwise there would be none.

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