Newsletter No. 12 For 2010 From the NZ Climate Realists Against the ETS

Hello once again Climate Realists,

Activists, Neil & Esther Henderson

It’s been a busy week for us once again, and it’s pleasing to see the progress being made on several fronts-France having now definitely decided not to introduce a carbon tax must surely help convince our government it is standing alone in its insistence on an all sectors, all gases ETS.
John Boscawen has continued his stirling efforts in Parliament to expose the stupidity of the whole thing- and highlight the impact it will have on farmers.
John Boscawen and Rodney Hide between them continue to undermine NIWA’s credibility.
We congratulate the NZCSC for the important work they are doing, behind the scenes and unnoticed by most but vital in every way.
We have had some indication that there may be some wavering in the government ranks.
Now is the time to put as much pressure as possible on the National government  before July1st.
We continue to do all we can to raise the profile of the ‘Axe the Climate Tax’ campaign-
we would welcome your support in Wellington in April- details below.
all the best,
PLEASE write a letter this week!
To John Key and his deputy Bill English, to Nick Smith, Tim Groser, David Carter, and your local MP.
COPY to your local paper, and to us- we will publish them on our website.
*Tell them of your concerns about the ETs implementation in July.
*Tell them what it will cost you in power and fuel price hikes- this on top of a rise in GST!!!
*Ask what it will cost farmers (Meat and Wool NZ’s estimate is around $10,000)
*Ask why NZ is leading when no one is following?
*Ask where any expected trade backlash (if we can the ETS) is expected to come from when most of our trading partners are backing right away from any carbon trading scheme.
*Ask what their take is of the future of the carbon market, given the current indicators!
*Let them know what you may be doing with your vote, come the next election.
The much-vaunted Global Research Alliance is holding a meeting in Wellington from the 7-9 April this year.
Neil intends to be there as a Climate Realists presence.
HE WOULD LOVE SOME SUPPORT from the network!! Can you join him?
Our concern is that the research which is being promoted is expected to major on altering the digestive systems of our ruminant animals or developing vaccines to reduce their natural emissions. Is this in keeping with New Zealand’s clean green image?
Our animals are fine the way they are!
Please come and show your support- email us at for details.
We were thrilled to see John Boscawen present our Farm Impact Statement to Parliament this week.
If anyone wants to read it, go to
WE NEED MORE OF THESE- please ask every farmer you know to read the details at the end of this newsletter and send us their statement.
The first run of bumper stickers disappeared within a week- we have had more printed and welcome your orders.
Please let us know which ones you would like, and send your postal address to us at
Pamphlets- “Climate Change- what is really happening” are available also.
“The conceit of the Anointed”-
Muriel Newman’s excellent, excellent column is well worth a read- a little long to reprint here it can be found at:
This lady should be running for PM, in our opinion…….
and Roger Kerr’s guest column also makes excellent reading:
Vive La France
France is facing its own ‘spring of discontent’ as strikes shut schools, courts, railways and metro services, and trade unions vowed mass protests across the country.
They’re not quite on our side yet, but they’re getting there………..
Now it’s CowGate: expert report says claims of livestock causing global warming are false
Eating less meat won’t reduce global warming: study
ETS Update from John Boscawen

On Tuesday, French President Nicolas Sarkozy announced that France will postpone its proposed
carbon tax indefinitely so as not to “damage the competitiveness of French companies”.  He feared
it would be too risky for France to stand alone without the res of the EU.

New Zealand is also isolated.  Not one of our three major competitors – Australia, China and the US
– has implemented, or look likely to implement, an ETS scheme.  By making us world leaders, National has put our farmers, our exporters and our economy at risk.  From 1 July this year, NZ businesses will face far greater costs than our competitors, putting us at a competitive disadvantage.

I believe it’s time for the Prime Minister and the National Government to stand up and acknowledge
that it’s crazy to continue to force this expensive experiment upon us.  France has acknowledged its
mistake and has moved to rectify it – it’s time for National to follow suit.

ACT is calling for the Government to scrap the ETS or delay it indefinitely.  It’s not too late to change it.

***************FARM IMPACT STATEMENTS********************
To all farmers,
The ETS legislation WILL affect you- as of July this year when electricity rises by 5% and fuel prices rise by around 3c/litre. (These rises are capped until the end of 2012 at which time they will go to the open market price which at present is double that)
The legislation will affect you even more in 2015 when agriculture is brought into the scheme.
Do you have any idea what it will cost you?
Do you know how to calculate this?
There appears to be no clear way at this stage to work out a single definite figure of your costs, due to all the variables, eg carbon price, intensity etc but the carbon calculator at will help give you an idea.
Act MP John Boscawen is deeply concerned about the ETS and the impact it will have on New Zealand’s economy.
He would like to present in Parliament a selection of ‘farm impact statements’ from New Zealand farmers who are prepared to stand up and be counted against this legislation.
We are asking you to provide us with the following details:
*A brief background of your farm- type, size, history (eg family farm for x years)
*The ETS costs involved for you (as far as you are able to tell- use the carbon calculator above)
*The impact these costs will have on you, your family, your farming operation
*The flow-on affects these costs will have to your community, your livestock firms, your trucking companies, your fertiliser companies etc etc.
NOTE: Before John reads something out in Parliament, or tables something that identifies the person, we need their permission for him to do so.
If you are happy for John to identify you in Parliament, please email your farm impact statement to us at as soon as you are able!
John Boscawen would like to read one of these out every day. He will table whatever he is not given the opportunity to read…….
Your help would be very much appreciated. Please circulate this widely among the farming community.
Statements may be emailed to us at

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