MASSIVE Aerosol Operation Over Whangarei, NZ Heralds Significant Negative Change To Local Environment

I have not made as many posts on this site as usual sorry, as the town I live in is being subjected to aerosol operations, and I have been working on that issue.

By Clare Swinney

Although it was a cloudy day, there were so many massive aerosol trails and so much aerosol material visible in the Whangarei sky from Woodhill between 3pm and at the time of writing at 6.25 pm, that I believe the day heralded a significant negative change to the local environment.  It seems that those who are in control of this geo-engineering project, which is occurring around the world, have no regard for the environment, for wildlife, nor for humanity, and have virtually unlimited resources, but no common sense.

Material was seen ‘dripping’ down off some of these aerosols suggesting that they were partially functioning as bioweapons and the material will function as a bioweapon, and for a number of reasons, including that nano-sized particles of aluminium oxide are being sprayed into the atmosphere.  These cross the blood-brain barrier and can precipitate Alzheimer’s disease.

In addition, there was so much aerosol material seen,  I believe if it hangs around in the sky, it will significantly diminish the amount of sunlight reaching the ground and in turn impact on vitamin D levels, thereby undermining immune system functioning.

Plus, barium, which is a hallmark of chemtrails, depletes the body of potassium and compromises the immune system.

Thus, you need to eat plenty of fresh, healthy food to boost your immune system, including regular doses of fish oil to help remove the metals. Also eat potassium-rich foods regularly in order to counteract the effect of barium on the body.

Here are a few pictures of what was seen from the suburb of Woodhill:

For a time after 3 pm, the clouds that looked as if they were normal, water vapour ones, were moving in the opposite direction to this mass of aerosols, which were heading in a south-westerly direction.

If you blow up the photo above you will see material ‘dripping’ off the large aerosol trail.

The rescue helicopter, going to hospital. Look at all the foreign material above it in the background.



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1 Response to MASSIVE Aerosol Operation Over Whangarei, NZ Heralds Significant Negative Change To Local Environment

  1. Carol K says:

    I witnessed this. You can not tell from the photos exactly what was going on behind natural cloud.
    Through the breaks in the cloud I clearly saw something that was man-made and VERY BIG! Imagine a blanket of cotton wool that’s been pulled apart and dumped above the clouds, moving clearly in the opposite direction to the natural cloud.

    I was stunned at the magnitude of it. I was stunned at how much there was. Some were clearly chemtrails, but others look like chemtrails that were puffed out and wisped in the movement.
    If anything like this is being done we should be informed of what is being released, of the dangers and whether or not we agree to it.
    My message to people is to become aware. Don’t walk around with blinders on. this planet is where our children have to live, where our grandchildren will grow up and where their children will have to exist thereafter.
    We have a responsibility to be aware of what is going on behind the scenes and inform others in the hope that someone with just as much power and unlimited resources as those who want to do evil, would be willing to support good and protect our future.

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