REALITY REPORT No. 35 – Dissent is Terrorism, Bilderberg Nazi Roots, Ron Paul on Census, Tobin on CA, Vieira on Serfdom

RR-35 | Does the federal government want the ability to arrest, detain and interrogate any American based solely upon suspected activity.? What does Ron Paul want you to write on your census forms? How does the IRS plan to track online payments? Was The Bilderberg Group founded by a Nazi to fulfill Hitlers goals? Gary answers those questions and welcomes Christina Tobin, back to talk about her bid for California Secretary of State. He also presents behind the scenes footage from the broadcast premier of Camp FEMA on KBDI-PBS and Dr. Edwin Vieira appears in interview footage from “Don’t Tread On Me – The Movie”. He also dips into the mailbag and brands a new enemy of the state.
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