Infowars Officially Launches Naked Body Scanner Protest Contest

Following runaway success of Obama Joker campaign, new contest launched to bring media attention to intrusive, unconstitutional and dangerous body scanners.

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Paul Joseph Watson
Thursday, March 4, 2010

Following the runaway success of the Obama Joker poster contest, Infowars is launching a brand new activism contest to spread the word about the naked body scanners now being introduced in airports across the world in response to the false flag Christmas Day underwear bomber incident.

We are offering our biggest ever contest prize fund – $15,000 dollars – spread across three different contests all aimed at attracting media attention to the fact that the naked body scanners represent a massive authoritarian assault on human dignity, freedom, the right to privacy, as well as posing health risks that have not been properly investigated.

The overriding threat of meekly accepting the installation of body scanners in all major airports is the fact that the same technology is being readied to be rolled out on the streets.

Journalists who researched trials of the naked body scanners reported that the images made genitals “eerily visible”.

German Security advisor Hans-Detlef Dau, a representative for a company that sells the scanners, admits that the machines, “show intimate piercings, catheters and the form of breasts and penises”.

Indeed, when they were first being installed, Australian authorities admitted that the machines don’t work properly if sensitive areas of the body are blurred out – and yet the British government still denies that the scanner pictures show details of genitalia – an obvious attempt to skirt child pornography laws which have been violated with the introduction of the scanners.

With plans being readied by the Home Office in the UK as well as authorities in Europe to introduce mobile naked scanners as well as street scanners attached to lamp posts, it won’t be long before we are naked body scanned to get into public buildings, shopping malls, sports events, and even minding our own business walking down the street. Naked body scanners are already being used in courthouses across America.

People who were perfectly happy with their naked body being ogled by TSA thugs scorned those who felt body scanners were a violation of privacy. “Don’t fly,” they said and you won’t have to go through it. Next it will be “don’t take a bus,” “don’t visit the shopping mall,” hey just “don’t leave your house,” because stifling airport security procedures are now intruding into our daily lives.


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The main contest carries a prize of $10,000 dollars for the winning entry. The rules for this contest are simple – we are looking for the best protest against naked body scanners which is filmed and uploaded to You Tube or a similar video website.

This demonstration can take the form of anything you see fit – it could be a political action, a public stunt, something that gets the word out on live TV, or a speech in front of your city council. The most powerful, inspiring, and successful protest will be the winner. After the winner is announced, they will be invited to appear live on The Alex Jones Show to discuss their demonstration.


The second contest carries a prize of $3,000 dollars for the winning entry. This is the anti-body scanner poster contest. Our previous contest, the Obama Joker poster campaign, received widespread media attention and undoubtedly woke up masses of people globally to the fraud that was Obama’s promise of “change”. We are looking for anti-body scanner posters that get to the heart of why their introduction represents such a threat to our liberty and how they are being prepared to be rolled out on the streets.

This contest will be judged from three angles – the best poster design, the amount of flyers posted in prominent public locations, and the media attention garnered from the poster campaign. Again, all entries must be videotaped and uploaded to You Tube. You may find it useful to wait for a few days after your poster campaign to see if it receives any media attention before uploading the video, that way you can add examples of media coverage to your video presentation.


There will also be a third contest, the winner of which will receive $2,000 in prize money. The details of this contest will be announced on this page shortly.

REMEMBER – All contest entries must follow local laws – we do not accept responsibility for any criminal behavior or damage to property. Please only post contest flyers in suitable locations where such flyers would reasonably be expected to appear.

We will begin looking at contest entries from March 19th onwards and will publish a closing date for entries once we feel the campaign has generated sufficient media attention around the issue of naked body scanners.

Overall, whether you win a prize or not, everybody wins because we get the word out and educate the people as to why we need to stop naked body scanners now before this tyranny hits the streets and we’re all living in a futuristic nightmare that outstrips anything George Orwell ever committed to print.

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