NZ: ACT MP wants abusive parents sterilised

TV3 Thu, 04 Mar 2010 8:46a.m.

ACT MP David Garrett thinks abusive parents should be offered a $5000 incentive to get sterilised.

The list MP expressed the personal – not ACT party – view on a blogsite after reports yesterday into family violence deaths and into measures to tackle abusive parents.

“If – say – $5000 was paid to the likes of both parents of the Kahui twins if they chose to be sterilised, this would address many … concerns,” Mr Garrett commented on the Kiwiblog debate about sterilisation.

“Nothing compulsory, just an option. To take Kahui-King as examples, how much is it costing the state now to care for the children Maxyna (Macsyna) King has had removed from her?

“How much will it cost to care for the six or eight more she may have before menopause? How much is it costing for CYF (Child Youth and Family) to monitor the well being of Chris Kahui’s latest offspring?

“$5,000 to each of them is ludicrously cheap by comparison.”

For more go here.

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One Response to NZ: ACT MP wants abusive parents sterilised

  1. Ursula says:

    Needless to say, quite disturbing.

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