New Video: What Is Causing The Drought In Northland, New Zealand

Jim Reece

Jim Reece, a forty-nine year old resident of Whangarei who has painted a picture of a chemtrail on the side of his car, says he is very worried about the use of aerosols over the country because of their impacts upon health and the environment.  He is particularly concerned about the drought that is currently plaguing Northland –  the region normally gets plenty of rain, he says.  He made this short film, using footage he shot of chemtrails over Whangarei, in order to educate the public about the use of aerosols and HAARP technology to modify the weather.

Reece offers:  “Modifying the weather’s not a new idea, but it’s not taught in schools or mentioned on the TV. Because these planes are spraying chemicals, including barium and aluminium, out of view, above peoples’ heads, it is easy for the people to have the wool pulled over their eyes about what is going on.  I made this film to increase the publics’ awareness of this huge issue, which I have not heard anything about from the mainstream media.”

Reece used footage of chemtrails, otherwise known as aerosols, which he shot over Whangarei on the 15th of February at approximately 9 am. He combined it with information about what he believes could be causing the drought in Northland.

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1 Response to New Video: What Is Causing The Drought In Northland, New Zealand

  1. Sabretruthtiger says:

    Absolutely, HAARP is common knowledge amongst intelligent people with a thirst to know what’s going on, and cloud seeding or the reverse; spraying metallic particles to stop clouds forming has been used for quite a while to modify weather.

    It’s all a ploy to convince the public that man-made global warming is real. It’s not, it’s a blatantly obvious scam.
    All the evidence proves this, the empirical evidence shows the greenhouse effect will contribute less than 1 degree celcius over the next 100 years. The climate has been warming for 300 years, there is no human signal in the trend as the recent gradient has been repeated many times over the past hundred and fifty years, well before human industry had an impact. Also the warming has been measured since the Maunder minimum or mini-ice age which is a start point fallacy as before that there was a mediaeval warm period that was hotter than today!
    Ice levels are normal, sea levels have not risen significantly in recent history and have been rising at the same rate for thousands of years. Sea temperatures have been measured to be flat since the Argo Buoys were implemented, so no ‘hidden’ warmth there.
    Polar bears are in record numbers. There is also no mid tropospheric hotspot to back up the IPCC’s greenhouse gas runaway projections. Feedback has been shown to be zero to negative.
    Satellite data has shown outgoing radiation to have not gone down.

    Plus the fact that the carbon tax solution to a non-existent problem will destroy world economies, especially developing nations and kill millions.

    A scam, plain and simple.

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