Web Site Launched For Gardasil Victims

For those who missed this story when it came out last month –

By Susan Brinkmann, For The Bulletin, Saturday, January 23, 2010

Two North Carolina women who met when their daughters both became sick after being vaccinated by the same lot of the controversial Gardasil vaccine, have launched a new Web site to help victims find information and support.

TruthAboutGardasil.org is the brainchild of Marian Green, 42, of Boone, North Carolina and Rosemary Mathis, 45, of nearby North Wilkesboro.

Unknown to one another at the time, both women decided two years ago to have their daughters vaccinated with Gardasil, a vaccine created by Merck & Co. which protects teens against several cancer-causing strains of the sexually transmitted human papillomavirus.

“Holly used to run six to 10 miles daily – she was at the top of her game,” said Mrs. Greene about her now 18-year-old daughter. “But within a few days of getting the Gardasil shot, she couldn’t walk and could hardly breathe.”

Rosemary’s now 14-year-old daughter, Lauren, received a vaccine from the same lot number. “Within 14 days, she started to become sick and is now completely disabled,” Mrs. Mathis said.

The two found themselves running from doctor to doctor looking for help. In Holly’s case, she was eventually diagnosed with pericarditis, an inflammation and swelling around the heart, which the doctor said was caused by the Gardasil shot.

Doctors at Duke University have determined that Lauren Mathis is suffering from a “vaccine injury” and say it will take her at least two years to recover from it.

“She’s coming around,” Mrs. Mathis said. “She was completely bedridden before and isn’t now.”

During those frantic two years spent searching for answers, Marian and Rosemary stumbled upon a Yahoo group for victims of the vaccine. It was here that they met each other along with hundreds of other mothers whose daughters became sick after receiving the Gardasil vaccine.

Eventually, they found another group for Garadasil victims on Facebook, where thousands more were looking for help.

“And these people were from all over the world, not just the USA,” Mrs. Green says.

Between the two of them, they have been in contact with parents from England, Spain, Germany, Holland and Australia, all with daughters who suffered serious injury or died after receiving either Gardasil or its European equivalent, GlaxoSmithKline’s Cervarix.

Ultimately, they decided it was time to start TruthAboutGardasil.org, which is designed to unite victims in their search for help and to get the drug removed from the market.

The site contains an information page with important facts about the vaccine as well as page after page of documentation on victims, including a memorial page telling the story of those who have died.

Another page lists “Guardian Angels,” women in dozens of states who have been through this experience and can be contacted for support and to guide others in their search for answers.

Philadelphia resident Jodi Speakman, 39, serves as the “Guardian Angel” for the state of Pennsylvania. Her daughter, Victoria, 18, became sick after receiving her second shot of Gardasil in Feb. 2008, and suffers from a litany of serious medical problems such as seizures, intermittent paralysis, memory loss, confusion, chronic fatigue.

“My daughter can never be left home alone. She can’t go to school, go out with her friends or work (and) has little ‘normalcy’ in her life,” Mrs. Speakman says, adding that they’ve had to increase the security in their home because Victoria often gets confused after a seizure and “goes missing.”

Victoria’s doctor has confirmed that her symptoms are directly related to Gardasil, “but not in a way that he can test or prove,” she said.

In the meantime, her family is left struggling with medical bills and searching for help. “I cry every day,” she admits.

She got involved in the new site because “There are so many girls out there with the same symptoms as my daughter, but they don’t make the connection with Gardasil. If we all come together to seek medical help for our daughters, we can raise awareness.”

Comments are already pouring into the new site. One woman says her granddaughter had her first Gardasil shot and “hasn’t been the same since.”

Another woman says her daughter came down with Hodgkins Lymphoma shortly after receiving a Gardasil shot and says, “I have located approximately 20 others with the same circumstance.”

As of the summer of 2009, there have been more than 15,000 thousand reported reactions to Gardasil, including more than 3,000 injuries and 48 deaths. Fourteen of the girls who died after getting Gardasil were under the age 16.

Even though the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) sent a warning letter to Merck’s West Point, Pennsylvania manufacturing plant where Gardasil is made, citing “significant deviations from current good manufacturing practice” they continue to stand behind the vaccine it fast-tracked into use in 2006.

Despite the fact that Merck’s lead researcher on both the Gardasil and Cervarix vaccine, Dr. Diane Harper, has publicly stated that the drugs will do little to reduce cervical cancer rates and were never adequately tested on children under age 15, Merck stands behind its product. With Gardasil profits ranging between $1.4 and $1.6 billion in 2008, they have  repeatedly expressed confidence in its safety.

For more information, visit www.truthaboutgardasil.org.

Susan Brinkmann can be reached at fiat723@aol.com

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4 Responses to Web Site Launched For Gardasil Victims

  1. Alicia says:

    How many other girls do they need to make a connection with the vaccine? How many other deaths? It is incredible what is happening. Health Authorities should investigate those cases and stop vaccinating until at least they find a treatment to heal those affected girls.

  2. R. Boyce says:

    Thank you writing this story. Articles like yours keep us going and help spread the word that this is a deadly vaccine. I am lucky to know these two remarkable mothers because my daughter was also injured from the Gardasil vaccine. There are many Warrior Moms and Dads trying to get this vaccine pulled. When will Merck pull this vaccine? How many deaths will be enough?

    My daughter is “recovering” but I do not know if this will be a long-long struggle or something that will only last a few years (Gardasil is supposed to stay in the body 4-6 years). I know God will help these children (Gardasil is now being used in boys) because I have seen it happen already (at least 2 girls have been “healed”) but God also needs us to help ourselves … so please continue to spread the word so that no more children will be harmed. One death is one too many.

  3. Laurie says:

    As a mother of a Gardasil injured girl, and a member of the yahoo group, it is sadly clear that no one wants to investigate the connections! The vaccine makes too much money! I think that doctors shouldn’t get kick backs from Pharmaceutical companies when they push their drugs, because this couples them in the profits and concealment of the truth! Another parent found the perfect comparison. When you mention Gardasil being the cause of injury to a doctor, they react like the vampires in the old black and white movies when a cross is placed in their face! Frankly, not only does the vaccine bring in the profits, so do the other drugs that our, once healthy girls, now depend on! It’s the perfect drug because no modern technology can detect what is wrong. A young girl in Australia was finally given a petscan which showed the myalin sheath around her spine was deteriorated which was similar to MS, but the difference was that it could be repaired. She is now on her way to a slow recovery. I have begged for a petscan, but no one is willing to do it because the insurance won’t pay for it unless it is under certain circumstances. I have even called Merck and begged them to do DNA testing on our daughters to see why they had the adverse reactions. They have the best scientist and it would show such good faith on their part to try and figure out which girls were predisposed to the side effects so that they could eliminate those in that catagory in the future. They were not interested. The yahoo group is a great tool to bring all of these moms together, but it has really turned into a support group. We are the only ones that know how frustrating it can be to bring the love of your life to a hospital with chest pains and breathing diffuculties, only to be sent home and told that it is stress! If it were stress, I assure you that WE, the PARENTS would be the ones with chest pains and breathing difficulties! Please spread the word. Don’t let there be another statistic added to our website!

  4. Teresa Allen says:

    I am also a mother of a 16 yr old Gardasil injured daughter.

    There are TOO MANY girls with the SAME horrible symptoms and side effects for it NOT to be related to Gardasil.

    Doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure this one out…and the reasons why all the doctors we take our girls to look at us like we are crazy.

    Too much corruption in the FDA and the CDC…too many that are also on the boards of these big pharmaceutical companies..no wonder these dangerous drugs and vaccines get ‘fast tracked’ and pushed on us. Then we are left to deal with injured children with no help from the medical communities.

    It’s a sick world we live in!

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