Newsletter No. 8 For 2010 From The Climate Realists Against The ETS

Here is this week’s newsletter from farmers, Neil and Esther Henderson – the couple who became political activists to fight against the implementation of the Emissions Trading Scheme.  If you would like to sign up for a free newsletter, e-mail them at

Hello again Climate Realists,

Activists, Neil & Esther Henderson

As the carbon market around the world starts to reflect the lack of a future in carbon trading, and the IPCC crumbles, and the scientific underpinning of the ETS is looking increasingly shaky, we can but wonder how long it will take for our elected representatives in Wellington to admit defeat on the ETS and repeal the legislation passed so hurriedly last November, or at the very least defer it for a few years until the dust settles!

We have been busy….
*Our pamphlet is underway, it may be the first of many- we will be making this available to anyone who wants to distribute it at any relevant event.
*Bumper stickers are in the planning….
*We will shortly be meeting with a number of people who have an interest in combating the climate change hysteria and resultant ETS. An action plan will soon be forthcoming.
*The Global Research Alliance meeting will be held in April. We will keep you informed about any action we will take concerning this.

John Boscawen’s meeting in Gisborne Tuesday 2nd March

John will be having dinner at around 5.45pm to 7pm at Ussco Bar and Bistro (16 Childers Rd) .

He would welcome anyone who would like to talk to him there about the ETS, climate change, or any other issue- please feel free to come and dine with him.

It will be a casual affair – basically just show up to the restaurant if you are interested-
conversation doesn’t have to be on a climate change issue either as John is a list MP and any constituent is therefore relevant to him.

The meeting proper is at 7.30pm at the Godzone building, Grey St.

Quite a selection of contributions this week- plenty of reading for those interested.
Thanks for the many Monckton links- as there is an endless selection of these on YouTube we will no longer be posting links to Lord Monckton’s Australian trip after today’s newsletter.
Anyone interested, do a search for ‘Monckton debate’ on YouTube and keep yourself amused for hours…. and hours….!

Keep an eye out too for what is happening in carbon markets world-wide, as skepticism about global warming and the future of carbon trading starts to take its toll.

Happy reading,
Neil and Esther
Hi Neil and Esther.
I wondered if you could send this through to your network of farmers as I thought it will be relevant to them
Tairawhiti Organics have arranged for Iain Trousdell from Hawkes Bay to give a talk about water and flow forms.
The talk will have a special focus on how water can be used in farming, gardening and aquaculture in order to protect the land , lift yields and use water sustainably

it is being held at the Lawson Field Theatre at 7:00pm on Friday 26th admission $10
There is also a practical talk at Mike and Bridget Parker’s at Tolaga Bay on the 27th Feb at 11:00am admission $3 for members $5 for non members

Please see attached documents
Details from Kerry 863 3204


Labor in denial as ETS fairyland fractures – well worth a read, it seems America has more important things to worry about than climate change!


Australian Vote on ETS to be delayed until May


De Boer Quits UN Post in ‘Sad Day’ for Carbon Market (Update1)
February 18, 2010, 12:22 PM EST

By Alex Morales

Feb. 18 (Bloomberg) — Yvo de Boer is quitting his post as the United
Nations’s climate chief, casting doubt on the effort to establish a
worldwide market aimed at reducing the emissions blamed for global

De Boer, 55, will step down as the diplomat leading talks under the UN
Framework Convention on Climate Change on July 1, the UN group said
today in an e-mailed statement. He will join KPMG International as an
adviser. No successor was named.


This is an amazing BBC interview of former IPCC chair Robert Watson. Believe it or not, a really expert BBC interviewer that is enough across the basic facts of the matter that he “wins” the interchange hands down.


The Monckton-Plimer Tour of Australia

Here are a couple of videos for those who missed out:

Lord Monckton in Melbourne- recorded 1st Feb 2010

For an Alan Jones Interview with Christopher Monckton see:

For an Alan Jones Interview with Christopher Monckton see:


The Scientists Involved in Deliberately Deceiving the World on Climate


This warrants wide circulation, especially to media people, most of whom are not aware of the extent to which the science behind putative dangerous human-caused global warming was imaginary. It was promoted through the IPCC by a “tightly knit group of individuals who passionately believe in their thesis.” They intimidated editors who allowed anything to be published that challenged their thesis, massaged data, indulged in ad hominem attacks… The ‘science’ they promoted was the basis for all manner of assumed sensational global warming impacts and thus justification for a range of proposed costly mitigation policies.

Meanwhile, the real and serious environmental issues were neglected, starved of funding, and played down, fed by AGW hysteria.



From Maureen C

New Zealand sharemarket operator NZX is signalling a $19.9m hit to its balance sheet from a carbon trading business it has sold, blaming a lower priority given to carbon trading and “lack of a global political agenda around carbon”.

The reduction is to the valuation on its balance sheet for a prospective 2012 performance payment from the sale of its TZ1 Registry business last year. It will appear as a reduction in the gain on disposition of assets.

“Macro conditions have moved against carbon trading compared with where the world was when the registry business was sold,” NZX said in a statement after the sharemarket closed.

“Whilst some corporates – including key New Zealand companies – continue to assign a high priority to “” environmental concerns, in general the lack of a global political agenda around carbon, coupled with the global financial crisis, has made such ‘discretionary’ expenditure a lot more contestable and scarce.”

Falling industrial output had also reduced the corporate need for voluntary carbon issuance activity, which a carbon registry business revenue model depended on.

The TZ1 registry business continued to lead the field in customer acquisition worldwide. NZX “” remained confident around the long-term success of this business.

NZX said in July last year it was selling its TZ1 Registry business to global financial services company Markit overnight for $US37.1 million ($NZ26m).


Garth George: Climate hysteria won’t last test of time – Opinion – NZ Herald News

Its a great read !

Hi Esther, There were a few more mainstream-ish media MGW skeptical articles today:

Now IPCC hurricane data is questioned

Climate Alarmism Acknowledges Doubt

My favourite page on this subject with TONS of good links and a couple of interesting movies is this one:

The Global Warming Scam


There is nothing so strange as the truth of scientific evidence, nor as maligned, as a means to an end — the power and control over man.

The core paragraphs 12 & 13


TIA Daily • February 21, 2010


What’s It All About, Al Gore?

What’s Left Without Global Warming?

by Robert Tracinski

With apologies to Dionne Warwick—and to Michael Caine, for that matter—I have to ask: What’s it all about, Al Gore?

I mean all of this stuff about how we have to restructure our entire society to avoid man-made global warming—what was it all really about? Was it ever really about global warming? Or was it really about restructuring our society, for which global warming was just an excuse?

That’s what we have to start asking in the wake of Climategate.

It is not just that Climategate—the e-mails leaked from the Climatic Research Unit at Britain’s University of East Anglia, and the subsequent investigations they unleashed—has revealed that the “settled science” of global warming was riddled with errors, based on questionable data and false assumptions, and distorted by conformity, bullying, and groupthink.

It is not just that some of the main Climategate conspirators, such as the CRU’s Phil Jones, are now admitting that the science isn’t settled and that global temperatures may well have been warmer than today one thousand years ago, long before automobiles and industrial smokestacks.

No, what really ought to give us pause is that so far none of these revelations has actually stopped the political agenda on global warming. Virtually everyone who advocated massive new controls on our economic life in the name of stopping global warming still advocates it. And it’s not just because they’re in denial and they still think science is on their side. The most frightening new trend—frightening because of what it reveals—is that many of these people are advocating these controls even if the globe is not warming.

Read more at:

TIA Daily • February 14, 2010


Climategate Conspirator Cracks

Last Sunday, the London Times carried a profile of Phil Jones—the head of the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia and the man at the center of the Climategate scandal. The professor admitted to having contemplated suicide “several times” since the scandal broke, and the article continued: “The incident has taken a severe toll on his health. He has lost more than a stone [14 pounds] in weight and disclosed he is on beta-blockers and using sleeping pills.” Is this the reaction of a man with a clear conscience?

The article says that Jones is 57 years old—but in the accompanying photo, he looks about 20 years older. He looks 40 years older than he does in every other picture I’ve seen of him before now. The stress of Climategate is literally killing him.

Read more at:


Carbon Sense:

Read the latest newsletter at:

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