NZ911Truth’s Call For A New Investigation Into 9/11 On Government Grounds A Productive Event

Here is a report from Helen Waddington of NZ911Truth on what happened yesterday, when they called for a new investigation into 9/11 on government grounds to mark AE911Truth getting 1,000 signatures on their petition:

It was one of those rare beautiful days in Wellington! The sky was clear blue and the sun shone. We had sent out the AE911truth media alert earlier in the week and the press release first thing Friday morning to all major news, print, and TV media. We received one enquiry this morning from TV3 News. The reporter wanted to know how many people were going to be present and who the Member of Parliament was receiving the petition. This reporter also wanted to know how many NZ building professionals had signed the petition. Jeanette Fitzsimmons who had signed the political leaders for 9/11 truth petition and has met Richard Gage in Wellington in November 2009 recently resigned from her position as the co-leader of the New Zealand Green Party. We had hoped we could deliver the petition in general to the government but were advised by parliament security that we could not leave the petition without an accepting Member of Parliament. This was a protocol we were not aware of. The reporter from TV3 who had expressed an interest in this story did not show up.

We set up inside parliament grounds, on the grass outside the speakers statue with our wonderful AE911truth banner. a small speaker system, DVDs, flyers and posters. We had a good turn out of 7 supporters. At 11.00 am, the Wellington Cenotaph bells chimed and Phillip Rose proceeded to read the press statement. Despite the lack of media, we did have visitors and staff at parliament listening to the press release and we were able to give the Blueprint For Truth DVD to a number of people including security staff at parliament, a NZ soldier, an engineer, and other visiting members of the public.

We all felt it was a productive event and we were honoured to be involved with AE911Truth’s campaign. We felt we were part of the first global simultaneous 9/11 truth actions – hopefully, the first of many. The visitors in the parliament grounds listened intently and we had some good discussions with people about this issue. We plan to send a copy of the AE911truth petition to all Members of Parliament next week. It is disappointing that despite all Members of Parliament being sent a copy of the Blue Print for Truth 2008 DVD and a copy of the paper regarding the nanothermite found in the WTC dust on two separate occasions, we have not received any political support. We now know that for any petition to be accepted by our parliament we need to continue to work on gaining political support.

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