Brand New Infowars iPhone App: Call To Action

This is a call to action to get the word out about our brand new FREE Infowars iPhone app that will allow millions more people access to the Infowar on a daily basis via their iPhone or iPod Touch.

The Infowars iPhone app is FREE to download and it has already received many rave 5 star reviews having shot into Apple’s top 10 free news apps immediately upon launch.

The app allows you to listen to live streaming or a repeat loop of The Alex Jones Show on the go by either 3G or wi-fi connection. You can listen to the show in the background, allowing you to use other programs on your mobile device at the same time! There is also an alarm clock and an Infowars news feed.

To download the app for FREE, simply visit the app store on your iPhone or click here. Apps for other mobile devices are coming soon!

Please help us spread the word about the new iPhone app because in doing so, you will help us reach millions more people who otherwise wouldn’t have had access to the Infowar while on the move. The Infowars app will also attract new listeners who may not have come into contact with the information we put out before.


Don’t Miss Out On Your FREE DVD When You Get Jesse Ventura’s Powerful New Book – American Conspiracies

Jesse Ventura tells it like it is, and this time he tackles our government’s biggest secrets. In this explosive account of wrongful acts and on-going cover-ups, Jesse Ventura takes a systematic look at the wide gap between what the American government knows and what it reveals to the American people. For too long, we the people have sat by and let politicians and bureaucrats from both parties obfuscate and lie. And according to this former Navy SEAL, former pro wrestler, and former Minnesota governor, the media is complicit in these acts of deception. For too long, the mainstream press has refused to consider alternate possibilities and to ask the tough questions. Here, Ventura looks closely at the theories that have been presented over the years and separates the fact from the fiction.

Buy now and get a FREE DVD of either Loose Change Final Cut or Aaron Russo: Reflections and Warnings!

You can also get 50% off Alex Jones’ Fall of the Republic DVD as well as Infowars T-Shirts when you order American Conspiracies!

Click here to get your free DVD or half-price Infogear.


Now Shipping! How Weed Won The West

In the follow-up to his ground-breaking documentary ‘American Drug War,’ filmmaker Kevin Booth traces the fight against Federal drug regulation in the State of California. A public majority has spoken and said yes to states rights, allowing for the use of medicinal marijuana and opening up a new front in controversial medicinal ‘dispensaries.’

Big Pharma has put millions of non-“drug” users on hallucinogenic prescription drugs and instituted new forms of addiction and dependency, challenging our outdated notions that is only “illegal” drugs doing harm to our people.

Get great discounts on other DVD’s when you purchase How Weed Won The West – click here.

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