Newsletter Number 7 For 2010 From the NZ Climate Realists Against the ETS

Activists, Neil & Esther Henderson

Here are the latest interesting updates from the Climate Realists against the ETS – Neil and Esther Henderson of Gisborne.  To sign up for a free newsletter with the couple, e-mail

Hello again Climate Realists,
Greetings once again from the remote hills of Motu.

Apologies to those of you who were unable to access the Lord Monckton debate on Sunrise TV- it was working a few days before I posted the last newsletter but has since been pulled.
I am enclosing a link to a debate in Australia, between Lord Monckton and Rupert Prosner from The Climate Group- it was still on the net as of 8.30pm Monday! 🙂

John Boscawen in Gisborne:

We are pleased to welcome John Boscawen to Gisborne on Tuesday 2nd March, to discuss the effects and implications of the ETS. John is one of the most qualified people in NZ to be speaking on this issue and this is a great opportunity to listen, ask questions, and become fully informed about this issue.

John Boscawen will be speaking at the Godzone church building in Grey Street, 7.30pm, Tuesday 2nd March.


Marlborough meeting with Nick Smith:

I can confirm that a meeting will be held with David Carter on the ETS at William Grigg’s woolshed “Meadowbank” on Thursday 22 April at 3.15 pm – 5 pm. I hope you will be able to muster a good attendance.


Lord Monckton…. again
Lord Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, former advisor to Margaret Thatcher, architect, mathematician and climate change sceptic is on a speaking tour of Australia to spread his message that climate change activists are ‘bed-wetters and liars’.

He came on Mornings with Jon Faine to debate Rupert Posner from The Climate Group, who claims dangerous man-made global warming is occurring and action must be taken to stop it now.

Hi Esther,
I very much recommend everyone to lookup
This is the first of a number of YouTube videos with an interview of Lord Monckton on the Copenhagen Jamboree.
If your eyes are not open yet, this will certainly do it!
The cost of attending Copenhagen:

The 34 New Zealand bureaucrats, advisers and government ministers who attended the failed United Nations conference on climate change in Copenhagen in December generated a lot of hot air – and ran up an estimated $685,000 bill for taxpayers.

Read more at:

Listener Letter

Dear Neil and Esther,

Below is my follow-up letter to “The Listener” in which I respond to those who criticised my first letter. Of course the Listener did not print my response.

I would be glad if this got circulated so that people can see how editors can shut down fair debate.

I am not sure whether you have already made any newsletter references to the Wikipedia and Google scandals. I recommend you follow up the references in my letter

Yours Faithfully

Phil Hayward

Phil’s letter is available to be read on our website at:

Muriel Newman- NZCPR

This is an excellent site, and the weekly newsletters are available free.
This week’s newsletter is called ‘Climate Change in tatters’ and is excellent reading.

Climategate U-turn

as scientist at centre of row admits: There has been no global warming since 1995


USA State Utah votes 56-17 against science of global warming.

The original version of the bill dismissed climate science as a “well organised and ongoing effort to manipulate and incorporate “tricks” related to global temperature data in order to produce a global warming outcome”. It accused those seeking action on climate change of riding a “gravy train” and their efforts would “ultimately lock billions of human beings into long-term poverty”.

That frustrating data…. maybe the dog ate it.

Hi All.
An interesting article in the Dompost this morning (Monday 15th Feb) (a storm outlook over global warming) brings to mind what I was told a few years ago that the Kapiti area shifted its monitoring from Paraparaumu to Otaki to produce warmer and better results for display on TV news.




So we now have two Climate Clowns, Nick the Climate Clown Smith and Tim the Climate Clown Groser, at this rate we could end up with the complete Circus.
Will these Clowns ever realise that Man has as much chance of changing Earths Climate, as changing the Sun’s heat output or changing the Moon’s influence on Earth’s Tides.
In other words, Nick and Tim, you have two shows, a Dogs Show and No Show.
Earth’s Climate has always Changed, and always Will Change, that is the ONLY constant in Climate…AND IT IS ALL NATURAL NICK…..AND IT IS ALL NATURAL TIM…..NOT LIKE THE MAN MANN MADE BS YOU CLOWNS ARE PUSHING !! But to continue your SCAM Nick and Tim you had better come up with a better reason than CO2 (Plant Food) it has long since been Scientifically excluded on many counts.

Maurice at the Mount.

From TIA Daily:

5. Environmentalism’s Berlin Wall
The last week has seen an important change in the coverage of Climategate in the British press—a change that is likely to make it over to this side of the Atlantic and begin to influence the American press. Jack Wakeland sent me the following comments, which he said should be reviewed by someone who is “slightly less excited.” I’m not sure that I qualify. Here are Jack’s remarks:
“The Times and Daily Telegraph have launched a newspaperman’s crusade against the IPCC’s ‘Glaciergate.’ Both papers are reporting extensively in numerous stories about mistaken, false, and biased findings about glaciers in the IPCC’s 2007 climate change report.
“All of these newspaper stories are being printed as straight news, not analysis, commentary, or opinion. This is a sea change. Gone are the days that fraudulent environmentalist scare stories and pseudo-scientific proofs of ‘global warming’ will be printed as straight news in the major British press, not without the other side—the side of rational and objective science—getting the straight news coverage first.
“Both The Times and Daily Telegraph are beating the drums for the removal of IPCC Chairman Rajendra Pachauri, and they’re doing it by covering ‘Glaciergate’ as a straight news story about political corruption. The Times has even gone so far as to report claims that Dr. Pachauri deliberately let stand statements that he knew were false about rapidly disappearing Himalayan glaciers, in order ‘to win grants worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.’
“Climate criminals are now being called out by name by the establishment British press and being convicted of their frauds in straight news stories by the normal techniques of good journalism.
“This is the fruit of Climategate at the CRU: the presumption of legitimacy has been stripped from the AGW crowd. From now on, the British press will question their bogus claims and will pursue those questions all of the way down until they find either legitimate scientific controversy—or ideological posturing and grant application fraud.
“This is not to say that the British press have corrected all of their false premises about environmentalism. Far from it. The British press are fighting for the truth about global warming in the mistaken belief that it is being discredited by a handful of corrupt and criminal hacks at the CRU and the IPCC. The article summary in today’s Daily Telegraph says it all: ‘Faulty science published by the United Nations’ climate change body is in danger of obscuring a “much larger truth,” a senior government official warned yesterday, amid fears of growing public skepticism about the reality of global warming.’
“The British press expects to scrub off a crust of corrupt and misleading statements to leave the shining truth of man-made global warming pure and untainted. In their vigor to clean away the falsehoods, the scrub brush will go deep. It will go in a whole lot deeper than they expect. It will go all of the way down to the core. And when all the scrubbing and brushing and cleaning is complete—there will be nothing left of the AGW theory.”
That was yesterday. Today, Jack saw that the trend had spread to a leftist British newspaper, The Guardian—see the main link below—and sent me a follow-up comment.
“Environmentalist Fred Pearce has become an anti-climate fraud crusader. With Mr. Pearce’s new journalistic obsession, the scientific left in Great Britain is now in full and open rebellion against the AGW establishment.
“They think that they’re fighting to right the listing ship of legitimate man-made global warming science. Instead, they’re sinking it. And they’re sinking it fast!
“This is huge. This is even bigger than the tea party movement. This has the potential to become as big as Thatcherism and Reaganism and the fall of the Berlin Wall. It is quickly snowballing into the fall of environmentalism. And it is happening very, very fast. Information-age fast.
“One more month of this assault, and the whole environmentalist school will be in cultural shambles. Four more months and environmentalists won’t be able to show their faces in public.
“We’ve waited 25 long years for good and rational scientists and commentators to hack away at the political defenses of the ruling AGW clique. Now the waiting is over. Man made global warming is dead as a scientific, cultural, moral, and political cause.”

“Strange Case of Moving Weather Posts and a Scientist Under Siege,” Fred Pearce, The Guardian, February 1

The Guardian has learned that crucial data obtained by American scientists from Chinese collaborators cannot be verified because documents containing them no longer exist. And what data is available suggests that the findings are fundamentally flawed.
[CRU head Phil] Jones and his Chinese-American colleague Wei-Chyung Wang, of the University at Albany in New York, are being accused of scientific fraud by an independent British researcher over the contents of a research paper back in 1990….
It is well-known that the concrete, bricks and asphalt of urban areas absorb more heat than the countryside. They result in cities being warmer than the countryside, especially at night. So the question is whether rising mercury is simply a result of thermometers once in the countryside gradually finding themselves in expanding urban areas.
The pair, with four fellow researchers, concluded that the urban influence was negligible….
British amateur climate analyst and former City banker Doug Keenan accused Jones and Wang of fraud. He pointed out that the data showed that 49 of the Chinese meteorological stations had no histories of their location or other details. These mysterious stations included 40 of the 42 rural stations. Of the rest, 18 had certainly been moved during the study period, perhaps invalidating their data.
Keenan told the Guardian: “The worst case was a station that moved five times over a distance of 41 kilometres”; hence, for those stations, the claim made in the paper that “there were ‘few if any changes’ to locations is a fabrication.”…
Jones told the Guardian he was not able to comment on the allegations. Wang said: “I have been exonerated by my university on all the charges. When we started on the paper we had all the station location details in order to identify our network, but we cannot find them any more.”
From Carbon Sense:
“Understanding the Ruddy ETS.”
The Carbon Sense Coalition today claimed that the Emissions Trading Scheme proposed for Australia and now before the Australian Parliament was far more than “A Great Big New Tax”.
The Chairman of “Carbon Sense”, Mr Viv Forbes, said that PM Rudd’s Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme combined a Big New Tax with a War-Time Rationing scheme and an Income redistributing compensation scheme, all to be run by a regulatory army probably bigger than our real army.
He continued:
“Let’s try to understand this Ruddy ETS.
“To simplify things, let’s look at just the electricity industry.
“If Rudd’s ETS ever rules Australia, companies producing electricity from carbon fuels must beg, buy or borrow a permit to burn coal, gas or diesel.
“They can beg a free permit from some mate in Canberra; they can buy a permit from some lucky sod who managed to get more permits than he needs; they can borrow a permit by entering into some tricky derivative trade with a speculator in Chicago; or they can pay carbon credit penance to a shifty land owner in some foreign land who promises solemnly not to clear his trees.
“No matter which option is chosen, power costs will go up and companies must pass the extra cost (plus GST) onto their customers or go broke.
“There will be no effect on climate.
“Now look at consumers.
“The ETS must push up the cost of all goods and services using carbon fuel. It will boost the cost of electricity, food, transport and travel. When this happens, consumers will suddenly understand the ETS Tax and politicians who voted for it will feel their anger.
“But there is a plan: “Let’s compensate all those likely to vote for us”.
“If these subsidies work properly, the lucky consumers will be in the same position as they were before ETS, except for the extra bureaucracy. For these consumers, there is no signal to reduce their consumption of carbon fuels. The ETS will do nothing except create a tangle of red tape which consumes and redistributes wealth.
“But for the un-subsidised consumers, the ETS is an extra tax on everything.
“And for the power companies, the ETS will produce nothing except a heap of angry customers, and lots of red tape.
Mr Forbes claimed that Tony Abbott was wrong about the ETS.
“It is not just a Great Big Tax.
“It’s a Great Big Tax PLUS a mountain of Red Tape.
“And it will have absolutely no effect on world climate.”

In Laura Ingels-Wilder’s series of books “The Little House on the Prairie”
She described living through this 1911 freeze in Nebraska …….
Was one of her many fascinating stories telling a true historical
Background of an American family in “the good old days”.
Her writings rival Mark Twain
Margaret writes:
Her mother had a cousin living in Niagara Falls that year. She told the family
That she and her neighbors woke up in the night feeling something was wrong.
It took a while but they finally realized that it was the lack of noise. They had
All become so used to the roar of the falls that the silence was unusual enough
to alert their senses. Of course at that time nearly all the houses were near the
Falls. Amazing pictures! Almost 100 years old. Can you imagine walking on
Niagara Falls?

(Esther’s note): There are actually quite a few photos on a google image search- check these out:

For anyone who has trouble with scientific fact, here’s a more recent

Global warming opens up Arctic for undersea cable
By Dan Joling

Associated Press Writer / January 21, 2010

ANCHORAGE, Alaska—Global warming has melted so much Arctic ice that a
telecommunication group is moving forward with a project that was
unthinkable just a few years ago: laying underwater fiber optic cable
between Tokyo and London by way of the Northwest Passage.

The proposed system would nearly cut in half the time it takes to send
messages from the United Kingdom to Asia, said Walt Ebell, CEO of
Kodiak-Kenai Cable Co. The route is the shortest underwater path between
Tokyo and London.

The quicker transmission time is important in the financial world where
milliseconds can count in executing profitable trades and transactions.
“Speed is the crux,” Ebell said. “You’re cutting the delay from 140
milliseconds to 88 milliseconds.”

The project, while still facing many significant obstacles, also serves
as an example of how warming has altered the Arctic landscape in
profound ways.

The loss of summer sea ice prompted the U.S. to list polar bears as a
threatened species in May 2008. Walrus in two of the last three years
gathered by the thousands on Alaska’s northwest shore rather than ride
pack ice to unproductive waters beyond the outer continental shelf.

Summer sea ice melted to its lowest recorded level ever in late 2007,
and most climate modelers predict a continued downward spiral. The
result is a path through the Northwest Passage, the Arctic route
connecting the Atlantic and Pacific that has fascinated explorers for

“That opens up the construction window to actually do something like
this without the need of heavy icebreakers,” Ebell said. “On the other
side, you’ve got the market part of it and the increasing demand we’re
seeing for lower and lower latencies, or transmission times.”

But the project, called ArcticLink, is not without hurdles — namely the
estimated construction price of $1.2 billion, said Alan Mauldin,
research director at TeleGeography Research, a Washington, D.C.-based
telecommunications market research company.

“That’s not a cheap project,” he said by phone from the Slovak Republic.

By comparison, a line beginning service next month between Japan and the
U.S. West Coast was built for $300 million, he said.

The leaders of the project will need to persuade telecommunications
companies to buy a piece of the capacity created by the cable. Telecom
companies will make that decision largely based on demand from financial

“What we’ve seen is just because you have a diverse path does not mean
that you can necessarily sell that capacity for much more than the
current market price,” Mauldin said.

Ebell uses the analogy of building a shopping mall to describe the
financing process: Secure some initial investments and then lure an
anchor tenant to really drive the project forward.

The cable will cut a 10,000-mile path across half the world: It would be
laid in deep water from Japan to the Aleutian Islands, then traverse
north through the relatively shallow waters of the Bering Sea.

The line would need a regeneration station — essentially a booster of
the signal to compensate for the long distance — on the northern coast
of Alaska, probably at Prudhoe Bay. From there, it will wend its way
through the Northwest Passage, then dip around the southern tip of
Greenland and across the North Atlantic to the United Kingdom.

Branches off the line would provide access to the East Coast of the
U.S., ensuring quicker transmission times between Tokyo and New York,
Ebell said.

“It will provide the domestic market an alternative route not only to
Europe — there’s lots of cable across the Atlantic — but it will
provide the East Coast with an alternative, faster route to Asia as
well,” he said.

The cable would pass mostly through U.S., Canadian international waters
and avoid possible trouble spots along the way.

“You’re not susceptible to ‘events,’ I should say, that you might run
into with a cable that runs across Russia or the cables that run down
around Asia and go up through the Suez Canal into the Mediterranean Sea.
You’re getting away from those choke points.”

Ebell’s Anchorage-based company is partnering with KhaNNet, part of
Khanjee Holdings, Inc., on the project, and the partners are pursuing

The company also hopes to link rural Alaska communities to the cable. It
has applied for $350 million in federal stimulus money, nearly 5 percent
of that total for broadband grant and loan program, for lines to eight
hub communities in western and northern Alaska. The Asia-Europe line
does not depend on stimulus money, Ebell said.


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