‘Evidence’: A Short Film Created For Those Who Are Tired Of Being Called “Conspiracy Theorists”

This is a new video from a talented Truth Activist called Scootle Royale.  Royale got fed up with his friends ridiculing him and saying that he was obsessed with conspiracy theories.  He writes: “Theories this, theories that. Beliefs this, beliefs that. One word that never comes up is evidence. So I thought I’d make a video simply called “Evidence”, loaded with documented facts.”

This is a great short film, that is well worth watching.

Show it to your friends and tell them to start researching the claims Scootle makes. If they do, they should quickly realise that so-called “conspiracy theory,” is in reality, conspiracy fact!

Its subjects include the demolition of the WTC, climate change/ ClimateGate, the JFK assassination, the Bilderberg Group, the New World Order and Globalism, the Flight 253 Bombing, naked body scanners, the Haiti Earthquake, Cass Sunstein’s tyrannical paper, eugenics, and George Orwell’s 1984 and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, plus more.

The music accompanying the clip is from Marilyn Manson – Evidence (Instrumental). The sources and links for the video can be found at the link here: http://911debunkers.blogspot.com/2010/02/new-video-evidence.html


9/11 Was An Inside Job: A New Song By A 9/11 Truth Activist

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