REALITY REPORT #31 – Tea Parties Co-opted, Mass Resignations, New Enemy of the State, Assassinating Americans, Super Bowl Conditioning

RR-31 | In Reality Report #31 Gary Franchi declares the Tea Party movement officially co-opted and provides remedial instructions on how to take it back. He also covers a strange wave of mass corporate resignations and calls for investigators to connect the dots. A New Enemy of the State is branded, the mailbag sifted, a super bowl commercial is analyzed and a music video featuring Thomas Jefferson is showcased.
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More from the Reality Report. The following came via e-mail dated the 11th of February, 2010:
There is a fire burning in Texas and the establishment is getting nervous that their house may just burn down!
Do yourself, and our nation, a favor and check out the heat being generated from the Debra Medina campaign at her official campaign website and then lend some support, if you can, at her grassroots website
We need liberty candidates to replace the stale and corrupt politicians occupying offices across the nation… and we need Debra at the helm of Texas!
I strongly endorse her campaign and hope you take a minute and check her out:
For Liberty!
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