Test Results For Barium In Water Off A Whangarei, NZ Roof: Positive

Picture taken about 4-5 minutes after the plane had deposited aersol

On the 1st and 2nd of January, 2010, an unidentified plane spraying an aerosol was seen in Whangarei at 8.45am, and estimated by a former pilot, Geoff McColl, to be flying at a low 4,000 feet.

As the photo immediately below shows, a substance or substances appeared to be dropping ominously from the main body of the substances in suspension, that came from the plane on the 2nd of January, towards the ground adjacent my house.  Around that time I developed very dry eyes and subsequently read that barium, which has been associated with aerosols in the US,  can cause dry eyes.  In addition, research by Clifford Carnicom supports a likelihood of increased barium precipitates in rain water collected in areas where chemtrail spraying has recently occurred, and a news station that conducted tests on what had fallen to the ground after aerosol spraying, found high levels of barium. Watch the news clip at the link here.

Consequently, on the 6th of January, which was the next time it rained fairly heavily, I collected water in two jam jars from a container roof water falls into and delivered the samples to the local water treatment plant, and asked if they could do a test for barium.   They could not, so they sent the samples to R J Hill Laboratories Limited in Hamilton.

The results are posted below, and show that barium was found in the sample.

Does it look this aerosol operation was being used for “geo-engineering”, or weather modification purposes to you? Or is it part of a massive eugenics operation and a soft-kill weapon?


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