Is There A False Flag Operation Planned Related To The Internet?

On the 10th of February, a poster using the name ‘Anonymous’ made a post on the site, addressing the Australian Government, amongst others, claiming to be upset with censorship of the Internet. Read the post here. (Also, check out this thread at the Forum here).

The post reads like propaganda that is being disseminated to set the stage for an attack on the internet – a false flag operation, that will be used to take away our freedom to use the internet.  See what you think.  Can you smell the Australian Ministry for Propaganda behind it?

If this was a genuine poster, why would he/she bother posting on a small New Zealand site?    It does not make sense in my opinion, unless it was posted as part of a government operation and equivalent to Fox News reporting repeatedly that Osama bin Laden says he wants to attack the US pre-9/11. 


Government websites hacked by Anonymous over censorship

* From: Reuters
* February 10, 2010 2:50PM

The Anonymous flyer for the hack attack that took down Government websites. Source:

* Hackers take down Government websites
* Protesting claims of new porn censorship
* Same group behind Scientology protests

COMPUTER hackers disabled several Australian government websites today in coordinated attacks protesting against a planned internet filter aimed at pornography.

The attacks, confirmed by the Attorney-General’s Department, crippled Australia’s parliamentary website for almost an hour, including the Communications Department, which is pushing a compulsory internet filter for pornography and offensive content.

The attacks were launched by hackers aligned with an anti-Church of Scientology group known as “Anonymous.”

“No government should have the right to refuse its citizens access to information solely because they perceive it to be ‘unwanted’,” the group said in an email.

“The Australian government will learn that one does not mess with our porn.”

The group is protesting the Government’s internet filtering plan which would block a list of banned websites, including child abuse material and pornography. Laws will be introduced to parliament soon.

The Australian Sex Party claims pornographic films are being rejected by censors because they contain female ejaculation or star small-breasted women who could be confused as minors.

A poll this week by McNair Ingenuity Research for the state broadcaster found 80 per cent of the 1000 respondents backed the filter plan, which is strongly opposed by free speech groups.

The Communications Department said the hackers had not infiltrated government security, but had instead swamped government computer servers.

“Australian Parliament House website ( was unavailable this morning for approximately 50 minutes due to a distributed denial of service attack by individuals belonging to the ‘Anonymous’ group. It is now back on line,” a spokeswoman said.

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