Use To Bypass The Block To &

Alex Jones covers the internet censorship issue today on his Sunday radio show.   You can bypass AsiaNetcom’s block to and, by using:

Other good news, an employee of Slingshot phoned me today in reply to my complaint regarding the block, and said that Slingshot is calling for AsiaNetcom to remove this to the two sites, as they do not agree with this Chinese-style internet censorship.

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One Response to Use To Bypass The Block To &

  1. Ursula says:

    I havn’t had any issue but am with Telstra clear…yeah. Could this be the beginning of something though? Logically I think not because I am sure many whoosh, slingshot, telecom customers are already voting with their ‘feet’ and moving to a differnet network.
    We the people can stop this rubbish from happening by hitting dear corpo where they feel the pocket. Corpo only cares about revenue and profit..hit corpo hard everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

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