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Updated 2.59 pm NZT

At the time of writing and were not accessible from New Zealand for some Internet users. It may an ISP issue. Check out the comment section for updates.

Hopefully, this is a temporary problem, however, given the moves to shut the voice of truth down on the internet, it may be more than merely temporary.

Thankfully, for those who can not access them, you can still pick the radio show up at and Alex’s other sites are still available –, and Propaganda Matrix are still available, so is In addition, you can still access the shop via the link here:, if you are one of those who can’t access the sites via the usual routes.

Make the most of it while it is there and keep getting the truth out!

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6 Responses to The Alex Jones Show, &

  1. agent.j says:

    Thanks! I was wondering what the hell was going on. We’re going to have to be like Iranians now and use proxies!

  2. Clare Swinney says:

    I am posting new information in this as it comes in, so the date of the comment, the 6th of Feb, may not match the dates stated below.

    Phillip, who uses Telstraclear can access them.

    Steve in Stratford, who uses Telstraclear ( address) can access them.

    Jenese and Barbara, who both use can access them.

    Jeremy who uses Vodafone can access them.

    This is interesting:
    Evelien Gilbert who uses Ihug, a subscriber to can access them.
    Jon in AK who uses can not.

    Jade in Wellington, who uses Woosh, can not.

    J in Chch and Fred in Whangarei who use can not.

    I use and I can not access them.

    Andy uses Slingshot and has not been able to access them since Friday.

    Barron in Ak wrote I …have Telstra Clear dial up as back for when Telecom Broadband may have a problem and I can confirm that I can access via my TelstraClear dial up, but not via Telecom’s Broadband.

    Warren, Daniel, Pat and Ian, who use Telecom’s service, can not access these two sites.

    Message from Tim at an internet cafe on the 7th of Feb:
    I really don’t know what internet provider I’m using as I am
    at a net cafe. But I can tell you that I have not been able
    to enter these sites.

  3. Clare Swinney says:

    Sydney router blocks Alex Jones’ flagship websites
    Feb 06
    It has been discovered today that New Zealanders cannot access Alex Jones’ flagship websites – and

    Almost everyone we have contacted so far can not connect, except for 3 Telstra users. An Orcon technical support employee did a traceroute to follow all of the router hops; and they failed when they hit asianetcom’s router in Sydney. The same employee also mentioned that Telstra uses a different route, which allows Telstra customers to access the blocked sites.

    Every other website on the internet works for the affected users, so it seems suspicious that alternative media websites would suddenly stop working for the vast majority of New Zealanders. Alex Jones’ staff have been notified.

    Action may soon be taken, but in the meanwhile news reading enthusiasts are advised to use to read infowars and prisonplanet.

  4. Clare Swinney says:

    J has written that the issue has resolved on one of his computers, while it has not resolved for me and others did not report it resolved, so who knows what is going on.

    J -Update #1: This issue seems to be resolved now. I was just at a previously affected computer on Saturday night (NZ time) and the sites worked. However, my laptop won’t load the pages; it only works via proxy. I’m going to question some more people and update this page later. The downtime was approximately 24 hours and may still be affecting some people (myself included). Check Clare’s blog for other information (…)

  5. anonymous says:

    The blackout continues….

  6. r e m o says:

    06 2745713   

    To The Editor.

    Conspiracy 9 1 1

    there is an urgent need to recognize and  question the almost total NZ media enmity toward the 911 conspiracy generally, and toward mr Richard Gage AIA architect during his recent visit to NZ in particular .
    We need ask of radioNZ and Print media why  any question ATALL of the 911 event being a conspiracy ‘other than’ a conspiracy by Bin Laden/Al Qaeda,  resulted in blanket assertions of mr Gage being -among other things – a carpetbagger ,  and those subscribing to the 911 evidence of explosive demolition  as losers, anti Semites and what have you.      Personal attacks that  identified the media  as  shamefully uninformed, unimaginative and  slanderous toward any notion of 911 being  ‘other than’  the 911/bin laden conspiracy theory.

    That there are only two camps, and if you are not in it, you are nuts . [You are either with us, or you are with the terrorists” Bush.2003].

    The two interviews mr Gage gave where he was allowed to put a few of the findings he and the one THOUSAND registered engineers and architects he represents, [ Mike Hosking on tv1, and Capital Times by Sophie Schroder ] gave the reader/viewer to understand:

    1. That there IS indeed a vast 911 conspiracy unrelated to Bin Laden/Al Qaeda.
    2. that the buildings were destroyed in an EXPLOSIVE manner unrelated to ‘fire-induced’ sequential collapse.  That buildings of this design cannot COLLAPSE through the line of MOST resistance at unnatural speed without removal of structure below to allow it. [That there was no ‘hammer drop’ nor pancake collapse], that the buildings were ‘over’ built to resist such structural failure.
    3. that there is an open for review science paper identifying both ignited and unignited military grade super nano-thermite [incendiary-explosive]in dust collected from the crime scene[: The Open Chemical Physics Journal, 2009, 2, 7-31:”Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe.”]
    4.That molten steel was found in the pile for up to 13 weeks afterwards totally at odds with kerosene/office furnishings burn but totally in accord with use of thermitic materials.
    5. That the secretive building 7 was quite certainly controlled demolition. Mr Gage stated NIST has conceded free-fall for 2.6 seconds – the first 100ft- of the 6.5 seconds it took this 81 columned 47 storied steel framed building, the third structural failure that day, to completely destruct into its own footprint – but that NIST refuses to discuss the ramifications of freefall – instead identifying a whole new building collapse phenomenon calling it “thermal expansion” due to normal ‘office furnishings fire’. 
    6. That  118 firemen/police/other first responders directly attest in FDNY audio records to witnessing many other explosive events[than aircraft impact] within the buildings destroyed that day. information denied for years afterwards until FOIA actions released the transcripts.
    7. That major explosive events took place in the subbasement levels moments BEFORE jet impact. And, significantly, in the pile long afterwards.
    8 that the administrative reports on the 3 buildings’ destruction have not been properly tested, the models used not allowed independent scrutiny , and those figures produced showed evidence of serious distortion..really outright fraud within the testing proceedure,[underwriters labaratory/Kevin Ryan]-that there has been no criminal investigation into the destruction, rather that NIST and FEMA are political and not science based ‘building performance assessment reports’  and not very good ones – that the 911atrocity is chockablock full of questions nobody in authority is willing to answer or acknowledge.[ignore them and they’ll go away]   
    .9 that there is a concerted effort by international media to discredit all and any question of the 911 conspiracy being ‘other than’ the official view..
    10 that bin laden is not wanted by the FBI for the 911 atrocity, because they don’t have enough evidence to charge him with the crime.
    11. That Mr Gage and those he represents are asking for a new INVESTIGATION, independent and with supeona power. 

    Quite a list.

    Our media response?
    Dianna Witchell of the Listener called the whole proposition insane and Hoskings stupid, saying Kim Hill had ‘handed Richard Gage his ass’. Which requires one to ask, well, did she? Opinion seems divided on whos ass got handed, and whos deserved to be , but as reference to the major crime of our life time, which has radicalized a global military machine into the madness of illegal unilateral pre-emptive ‘revenge/resource’ wars –  and destroyed the imaginative process of our intelligentsia in the bargain, might not we expect  our fourth estate to THINK further ? 

    Print media partiality was even more extreme, where you could find it. Cut and paste mockery dismissing Jennette Fitzsimons meeting Richard Gage by all kinds of name calling, and, rather than  asking her,  as a senior and respected Politician,  her specific concerns ,   lazily satisfied  itself by PHD student analysis of what amounts to the ‘ Sunstein conspiracy theorist ‘ slander, happily identifying a global community of 911 activists as ‘anti-semite’ loosers hanging onto any nutcase scenario you wish to mention .  In fact determined to lump all ‘conspiracies ‘ into one pot in an effort to short circuit the singularity of the WTC explosive demolition event. .

    Jim Mora employed the intellectual rigour of the skeptics society, Gary McCormack and Bruce from the privacy commission  to vilify and slander in every conceivable manner the reputation of a man none had met. None wished to meet. None wished to ask any questions of. None had obviously bothered to research the findings of.

    Tommy Honeys’  vague and dismissive account [ArchitectureNZ 6.2009/Across The Board “Truther takeover at TE PAPA”]   would have us believe the 118 bona fide eyewitness reports from first responders and video evidence recorded at ground zero of explosive events occurring ‘other than’ the aircraft impacts, were “based on one hysterical comment overheard by a fireman”.  
    I beg your pardon?!  118first responders –   directly attesting in FDNY audio transcripts having heard/witnessed explosives going off in at least four  buildings OTHER than those of WTC plane impact – not conjecture- facts on the public record -[information denied for years until FOIA actions had them released] including FDNY’s own Chief of Safety , Albert Turi, and FDNY’s chief, Ray Downey, the “premiere collapse expert in the country” according to a fellow chief,[],  both speaking of the presence of explosives in the Towers prior to the failures …….and mr Honey tells us  they were all based on one ‘confused’  memory of the day? .  Would  Mr Honey like to  test  this outrageous hypothesis on the  ‘firemen for 911 truth or Patriots for911truth  or Journal of 911studies or Architects and Engineers for 9/11truth websites and answer for himself the first responders who WILL respond? Perhaps check with the fire chiefs themselves? Give them a ring.    I can only imagine . 

     Perhaps we should consider Mr Honeys own words , whereby those of us not accepting the official conspiracy theory  “instead have constructed their own theory based on their own evidence, much of it flimsy” and ‘faith’ based.  Well.  Building 7 was NOT flimsy. It was a 47 storied  steel high rise in Manhattan. It had over 80 vertical columns.   The official NIST[National Institute of Standards and Technology] theory, as accepted and defended by Mr Honey, introduces the  entirely new building collapse  phenomena of ‘Thermal expansion’ : fire induced sequential collapse,   as cause.   NIST having, by computer model,  identified the PIVOT “point of ‘collapse” of this huge building  dependent upon ‘shear studs’ breaking in the concrete flooring during thermal elongation of beams on Floor 13 causing the steel girder connecting Column 44 to Column 79 [bolted and welded ] to disconnect [walk]from the latter, so that it was no longer supporting it. This loss of support for column 79,  caused floor 13 to locally collapse , which triggered a cascade of collapses down to the 5th floor. Then Column 79, having lost support from the girder and the floors,  buckled. This started the chain reaction that lead to the total collapse – 6.5  seconds later- of the entire 81 columned steel framed building. into its own footprint.  The first 2.6 seconds of which is in total FREE-FALL, as acknowledge by NIST itself. That means “no resistance”. Free fall.
    All due to ‘thermal expansion’ of the simulated floor beams and breaking of simulated shear studs connecting the simulated steel  to the simulated concrete floor slabs. Which failed because  the steel beams in the simulation expanded further  and more quickly than the concrete slabs in the model.  A surprising result since Steel and concrete expand at virtually the same amount under heat. Until those seeking answers learned  that NIST, while running its simulation, ‘heated’ only the simulated steel, not also the simulated concrete. Thus the simulation predicted the failure of the shear studs.[The Mysterious Collapse of WTC7. D.R.Griffin pp153 and 220]  [NIST NCSTAR 1-9:352: “No thermal expansion or material degradation was considered for the concrete slab, as the slab was not heated in this analysis”. as drawn by Loel Barr.[NIST]  

    In terms  of faith,  quantum  leaps of it are required to bridge this fantasia .
    In terms of ‘flimsy’, a discussion of FREE-FALL and its ramifications with regard the NIST report would benefit  a leading Architectural publication.

      It is worth noting that  Richard Gage represents over 1000 REGISTERED  engineers and architects who build these buildings. This is not a joke. His presentation delivers a science based physical response to an official and politicized NIST report that  is a computer model  construct THEORY,  with identifiable frauds.  
     A computer model the architecture of  which we are ‘not allowed’  independant scrutiny of.  
     A computer model  can do whatever it is told to do .

    The questions are therefore begged.
    Why has journalism not picked up on this?
    Why are so few able or willing to contend without obvious[A priori]bias, the substantive questions surrounding 911 as  conspiracy?
    Why have our media commentators accepted the commission report/NIST conspiracy theory so completely, in the face of so much information pointing otherwise? ..Dug deeper. Been Interested?  Contended with the confluence of interests  displayed here?  the 911 event streamed into  an american military machine in eurasia; forecast by senior neocon pundits BEFORE 911, a presence requiring only “A new Pearl Harbor” like event to allow [PNAC]; the cover 911 provided for real politik to occur.[ ongoing war of terror, the patriot act/civil rights reduction/ Geneva conventions/habeas corpus suspensions:secrecy provisions/the legal abomination of guantanamo and baghram, WMD LIES /privateer armies, arms industries, International drugs/ the privatization of Government; COG/ oil, the emergence of Full Spectrum Dominance as strategy? State sanctioned violence. TORTURE and extra-judicial assassination as a legitimate weapon of war]

    The turning of the ‘great democracy’ into a uniformed security state in a world either with it, or against it. Why are none among our intellectual elite contending with the reality of the 911 conspiracy as the major psychological event of our life time ??

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