Newsletter Number 5 For 2010, From The Climate Realists Against The ETS

Greetings once again Climate Realists.

Activists, Neil & Esther Henderson

There currently appears to be no end to the ‘gates’ surrounding us….Climate-, Amazon-, Pachauri-, Glacier-…..,
I’m sure anyone following these stories will find no shortage of material on the net, so we present a small selection in the knowledge that there is always more out there for anyone who hasn’t read enough!
A considerable number of material has been pasted on to our website and can be found under the ‘articles’ tab.
Suffice to say that the way the findings and pronouncements of the IPCC are unravelling, one wonders why it is taking our politicians so long to come to their senses, ditch the ETS and get on with some real and important issues concerning New Zealand.
The up-coming Global Research Alliance meeting in Wellington in March is proving very elusive- we still are unable to pin down dates or a venue, or who has been officially invited….. if anyone has this information or knows where we can source it please let us know!!
Lord Monckton’s visit to Australia has led to a number of interviews in NZ as well as across the ditch so we have links to some of those.
Thank you once again for the contributions, emails, kind remarks and encouragement which has been sent our way.
all the best,
Esther (and of course, Neil who is currently floundering around on horseback in the rain and mist trying to locate our cows so he can shift them to another paddock… after over 300mm of rain in the last two weeks conditions underfoot are……interesting).
31 January 2010
Good interview!
note: this was a little hard to hear but with the volume well up I managed to catch most of it. It’s 51 minutes long and was worth the effort.
note: The interviewer in this case was quite rude and extremely disparaging of Lord M; particularly after the interview was over. This has prompted a number of complaints to the Breakfast Show, including one from us.

30 Jan 2010

Dear Neil

We have just finished two days of listening to Lord Christopher Monckton and Professor Ian Plimer in Brisbane. Superb presentations by both men at three separate functions, and a remarkable turnout of people. Hundreds turn up. Every function was packed out, with people turned away. The media was usually absent, but that is changing as they see the crowds roll up. And almost no hostile comments.

Congratulations to the backers and organisers of these marvellous functions and to our loyal supporters for so efficiently spreading the word. We are creating our own media outlet, thanks to you.  People travelled hundreds of miles to attend. I met many people who were only names before. The only complaints we got were from people who were turned away from the doors.

So make sure you grab a chance to attend the functions still coming up, and make sure you roll up early. Take a media person or politician with you.

Contact the local organisers to make sure of times and places. Spread the word.

On another matter, if you have time and energy, could you please make a comment (good or bad) on the article by journalist John Mikkelsen in the link below. We need activity and visibility everywhere:

Finally, next week is crucial to the defeat the Ration-N-Tax Scheme Bill (mis-named the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme) which will probably appear again in Parliament. Turn the heat on possible Liberal defectors.

It’s also time to encourage some defections from Labour ranks. Tell them of the huge enthusiastic turnout of ordinary men and women for the Monckton-Plimer meetings in working towns like Newcastle. Many were union members concerned for their jobs. Light some fires under some old Labour mates still living in the past with the Green Fairies.

Regards,Viv Forbes

As mentioned briefly late last year, Act MP John Boscawen will be holding a series of meetings around the country (Christchurch, Nelson, New Plymouth, Tauranga and Gisborne) to discuss the implications of the ETS for farmers and anyone else interested in attending. These meetings promise to be very enlightening for us all, and opportunity will be given for questions etc.
John was a member of the Select Committee which considered the ETS legislation which was passed late last year and was the MP most involved in opposing it.
If you would like a meeting to be held in your area it may not be too late to organise but you need to reply very promptly to request one.


From the Facebook group: ‘Tell John Key to stick his ETS’

Ken Shock sent a message to the members of Tell John Key to stick his ETS.

Subject: Delingpole on Alex Jones

James Delingpole, London Telegraph blogger who broke the Climategate story just before Copenhagen – 50 minutes with Alex Jones now posted.  In case you want to easily share these via email, here are the links:


Science chief John Beddington calls for honesty on climate change
Another opportunity to vote in a poll……. plus read the interesting article that accompanies it.

From The Times
January 27, 2010

The above article has been sent to MP’s and also Peter Gluckman with the following letter:

Good morning gentlemen
Happy New Year to you all.
The following article appeared in the The Times London and various other British publications.  It also appeared in this morning’s Dominion Post (28th January) headlined in the World section.  Professor Beddington sounds like the voice of reason,  it is time to  reconsider the issue and accept that the debate is certainly not over and the IPCC is not and never will be the fount of all knowledge on this subject.    It  is time for some honesty in this whole debate and it is not too late to get rid of the unnecessary ETS legislation which will hold back our progress.
Maureen and Dennis
Climategate Analysis

by John P. Costella   B.E.(Elec.)(Hons.) B.Sc.(Hons.) Ph.D.(Physics) Grad.Dip.Ed.

Analysis of the key emails, including excerpts and links

An analysis of Climategate, the climate science scandal that has already eclipsed Watergate in terms of its global political ramifications.

(this is also avaliable for download as a pdf file from our website: )

Phil Jones in big trouble- still
What is not being intelligently reported is that Jones is still liable as lead conspirator in the UK’s Climatic Research Unit (CRU) and may face prosecution under the United Kingdom Fraud Act (2006). If convicted of the offense of fraud by either false representation, failing to disclose information or fraud by abuse of his position, he stands liable to a maximum penalty of ten years imprisonment.

The suggestion has been made that it would be nice to meet other Climate Realists in an informal way.
The following email is from Steve in Wellington- if anyone would like to offer their name as a contact in their area for an informal get-together, please email us at and we’ll publicise that in the next newsletter.
Hi Esther,
I guess there is a need at times for meetings where the purpose is learning
and information focus; and there is a need for meetings for people to plan
and coordinate political action; and there is a need for events to engage
with the AGW alarmists in some way.  And different people will of course be
attracted to different aspects of this, as you acknowledged in your latest
For myself, I was attracted to Jo’s suggestion (Ed: JoNova at
being different from any of the above.  Just getting together for no reason other than the
cameraderie of relating to those with whom you have something in common,
grab a coffee or a beer, share a smile about some of the amazing
developments that have happened in the last 3 months, exchange contact
details, and wander off home again.

So yes, this lends itself to small local get-togethers,…….

Mind you, Climate Realists could set an arbitrary date/week/weekend and
suggest that if people wanted to set up social gatherings in their local
areas during that timeframe, then we could all report back and share our
experiences, and that would give a sense of being part of something larger.

At this stage, I wouldn’t want to be “in charge” of organising any such
event down here, (Ed: Wellington) but I would be happy for you to publish my email address as
a contact point to kick things off.

Steve Schapel <>
It’s been said many times before, but George Orwell himself couldn’t satirize these guys: their zealotry is simply unreal.
Article about  “UK Climate Change Activists Push for Average Speed Cameras”
From Dave at ETS Action Group:
For the third time in two weeks, the IPCC has been forced to admit
that it has used sloppy practices and reprinted unfounded claims as
fact in it’s 2007 report.  Hot on the heels of the admission that the
Himlayan glacier data is flawed and that reported correlation between
global warming and significant storm events is baseless, the IPCC has
now admitted that it’s report on the affects of global warming on the
Amazon Rainforest are totally unproven.  The original report was
published by the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) and IUCN (International
Union for Conservation of Nature) – basically two activist groups.
The reports authors are 1. a policy analyst and 2. a freelance
reporter.  Neither of them are climate scientists nor do they have any
expertise in the Amazon Rainforest.  So basically a political advisor
and a reporter wrote a story about AGW and the rainforest which WWF/IUCN
published without any analysis or review and the IPCC picked it up and
included it within their 2007 report still without any scientific
analysis or peer review.  Not a good look at all – here is the full
story from the Telegraph in the UK:
It just gets better and better.  It now appears that the IPCC
have now defined rigorous, peer reviewed scientific study to include
magazine articles and student dissatations.  Read the rest here
No prizes for guessing who…yep the Railway Engineer cum Romantic
Novelist, Dr Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the IPCC.  For the good
Dr, even a 1 mile journey is too strenous for a brisk walk or too far
even for his eco-friendly electric car. has the
story here

More on Amazon-gate
Here are 12 areas of the world including the Himalayas (can it be
true?) where the local glaciers are ignoring global warming and
growing.  How can this be?  Read on and discover the truth
Climate data row man steps down
A university research unit director at the centre of a row over leaked climate change data steps down while a review takes place.
NZ’s own Dr Doug Edmeades appeared on Jamie McKay’s  farming show: brings up the page with the appropriate link.

Last Friday’s Wellington meeting was bound to have been a propaganda exercise… it would be interesting to hear from anyone who did manage to attend. What do you think it will take to bring the likes of NIWA around to face reality?

Here’s one related contribution:

You may like to send this back around the loop… … ent-655805

# John Ansell (465) Says:
January 29th, 2010 at 4:37 pm

Just come back from a public Climate Change panel discussion at Vic.

What a wonderful brainwashing operation they’ve got going for our kids. Not a hint of healthy scepticism from any on the 11-member panel, all warmmongers to the core.

I hated to upset the wonderfully affirming applecart, but in the end couldn’t resist asking this question (after introducing myself as a Climate Scientology heretic):

“What would happen to any enquiring student in this course who dared to voice inconvenient questions about reports of fraud in the Nobel-winning 2007 IPCC report?

“Or about the 100 million Africans who are dying because of the doubling of food prices caused by the conversion of crops from food to biofuel?

“Or about how the previous speaker [I think Jonathan Boston] referred to oil companies profiting from fossil fuels, but did not provide balance by referring to all the academics who profit by perpetuating a belief in global warming?”

Needless to say, there was much grumbling and diverting and I’m still waiting for my answer.

Outside the lecture theatre were the students’ posters, not one of which suggested they had been exposed to any sceptical viewpoint.

I suggested to two people that the only fair thing to do was convene an international court hearing presided over by a panel of judges acceptable to both sides.

Boy were these guys hostile to any hint of an impartial assessment of the evidence!

Had I not seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed how one-sided this seat of so-called learning is, and can quite understand how similar institutions like the University of East Anglia can become corrupted by their own unbalanced vision of the truth.

And also related:

Hi Neil and Esther
I was reading the news today.
Hillary Clintons Science Advisor is in NZ at the moment promoting genetic modified crops for NZ because of Global Warming.
GE Free NZ are very upset with her given the threat to the environment and peoples health Genetically Modified crops and food has caused.
And again:


Aha! I find that on more than one occasion, public lectures involving NIWA are in the main hardly advertised at all, and when finally, then at last minute, during the day when most are at work and cannot attend.

When it comes things global warming -related, NIWA-sponsored and organised events are strangely not to be found anywhere time-tabled on their website. For instance, this event does not appear on their Events page Unless one is informed of such meetings by an insider, it seems no one finds out about them. One would think that if the matter of climate change and NZ’s future was one of the urgent and emergency that we have so often heard shriekingly expressed, then as many as possible of the public would be encouraged to attend. Because unless such a lecture is held on, say, a convenient Friday evening at 7pm, when speaking events are commonly held, the charge may be levelled that a fear may pervade NIWA’s top management that audiences might be somewhat challenging. Rather than front up to truth and accountability, is NIWA soon to become a furtive taxpayer-funded Secret Order, meeting behind closed doors and for the invited converted, all to ensure non interruption of fat state patronage?


QUESTION: Vaughan,

> Does this methane emission contribute to the bloat/nitrate equation? Or is it
perfectly normal?

ANSWER:  In ruminants, methane emission is natural – higher in grain fed, lower in
pasture fed and lower still when the percentage of clover is higher, so
there is no direct association with bloat. However, when feed volume
increases rapidly in the rumen, it can cover the rumen¹s in/out pipe (farmer
language) which then prevents gas leaving the rumen and you know what
happens, pressure on the heart and BANG, it stops beating. For more see
Bloat, in the world¹s biggest agricultural book, now 78 chapters in

Apparently (I have not been into a rumen to check!), the height of this pipe
entering the rumen varies between ruminants, so some blow sooner than
others. It would be easy to check them at the boiling down works.

I mentioned this to breed associations and AB centres, suggesting that they
should add this physical characteristic to their bull selection, but big
wheels turn slowly, and very big ones stop, or even go backwards. See the
big farming book at > Blog > Fonterra.

Getting back to the opening discussion on this topic, which was methane
production by cows – before our blamed for everything farmers came and
drained most of the Waikato, it was swamp and, apparently, gave off more
methane then than comes now from animals. I have a photograph of a
lightning strike over a swamp, burning methane in a flash at ground level.
Has anyone got a photograph of lightning striking and burning a herd of
methane producing cows??

Kyoto, excess carbon, and methane, are all bureaucratic goldmines for the
scientists and their staff who get on the bandwagon (gravy train) with their
snouts in the troughs, that we taxpayers stupidly fill, instead of putting
them on the unemployed list, which would be cheaper.

Rice paddies (swamps) produce much more methane than ruminants, but those
countries wisely chose to not include paddy fields in their pollution
reduction targets – because they couldn¹t, and nor can New Zealand reduce
our minute methane production. Even if we drove all our ruminants into the
sea, which would please animal farmers in the Northern Hemisphere, and some
of our vegetarian greenies, the world¹s methane would reduce by only 0.04%
which is nothing.

I wish that the government would close the discussion and research on
methane. Ruakura has already wasted five million dollars on methane.

Vaughan Jones
International Agricultural Consultant


Not really Climate Change but……………
One of the joys (not!!) of being on email is that you receive innumerable forwarded messages with ‘this is cute’, ‘you’ve got to watch this’ ,’this will break your heart’, ‘pass this on and you’ll win Lotto’ etc etc etc ……..
I refuse to forward most of this kind of thing on as I don’t believe in that kind of luck, especially the last one which assured me I would get a call from someone which would bring me good news…. Our phone at that stage had been out of action for three days so I think the little gremlin ( ‘angel’??) slipped up somewhere…..!!!
Having said all that, I am forwarding one link which was sent to us with a ‘Wow!’ accompanying it- and I agree, it really is amazing and worth a look.
So here goes:
Larry Baldock (leader of the Kiwi Party) has launched another petition seeking to make the results of referenda binding.
This is not really a Climate  Change issue as such, although suspecting as we do that approximately 80% or more of NZers don’t believe in man-made global warming, the results of a referendum on that subject would be fascinating.
Anyway, we received the following email from Larry and forward it as a number of you may be interested in following it up.
Dear Neil & Esther,
I trust you have had an enjoyable holiday break.  I know I have certainly felt the need to stop and rest awhile after a challenging 2009.
Now it is time to begin the work ahead for 2010. Earlier in the month I wanted to find out what the reaction of the general public would be when asked to sign the new petition. So with faithful and available volunteers here in Tauranga we set up at three events; The half ironman, Blues Brews & BBQ’s, and an evening 20/20 cricket match.

The results were very encouraging with 500 signing the petition in 3 hrs on their way in to the BBB event. Considering there has been very little publicity as yet about the new petition we found that approx 7-8 out of ten were prepared to sign.
The conversation generally went like this.
“Will you sign our petition Sir/Maam?”
“What’s it about?”
“Making referenda binding upon parliament. Do you remember the anti-smacking referendum last year when 87% said no and Parliament has ignored it?”
“Sure do. It was ridiculous. What’s the point of having a referendum if they are going to ignore it!”
“Exactly, that’s why we must now collect signatures for another one to make Parliament listen.”
“Sure I agree with that, where do I sign?”

It was encouraging to be reminded that so many still feel strongly about being ignored, and concerned about what that means for our democracy.
We had the full petition question printed on one of our signs so anyone could read it if they wished, but most signed on the basic understanding that this was to make referenda binding.

The other signs were;

Don’t let Parliament ignore you
Fight for Democracy Make Referenda Binding
Sign the Petition Sign the Petition Sign the Petition

Where to now!
Our next Stop will be the Field days in Southland Feb 10-12 and then Napier Art Deco week Feb 18-21.
Barbara and I have begun planning where we should travel over the next few months to attend events to collect. But of course we can never do it on our own. As part of the traveling we want to connect with supporters and hold meetings to enlist more volunteers and get media coverage where ever possible. We will look forward to hearing from any of you who may be interested in making arrangements for a visit.

Can you begin to look for events nearby where crowds will gather?

We will give more details of plans in the next update and further details of other strategies to collect signatures.

The petition form can be downloaded from

Warm regards,

Larry Baldock

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Interested in what is genuinely going on and exposing deceptions in order to help others to awaken to what is hidden in plain sight. A bright light shone makes clear what does not belong. Please keep an open mind and do your own research. WebofEvidence on YouTube: Clare on Bitchute:
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