Eyewitness Report: Aerosol Spraying Activity Over A Populated Area In The Bay of Islands, NZ Seen Occurring Twice In January

Northland New Zealand Chemtrails Watch. For those who think New Zealand is pristine, “clean and green,”  you may have to reconsider your evaluation.  We have another report of aerosol spraying activity taking place – this time in an area in the north of New Zealand called the Bay of Islands, which is a particularly popular tourist destination. 

The aerosol spraying was reported by Michael Kriz, a 59-year old ex-US military veteran, who witnessed it being emitted from what he described as a “silver” plane, that was not a commercial aircraft.  It sprayed an aerosol, shown in the picture below, over a populated area on January the 26th at approximately 11:10am.

Kriz said he also saw spraying occurring in the same area at the beginning of the year, but could not remember the date this earlier aerosol-spraying activity occurred.

He wrote in an e-mail dated the 30th of January, 2010: “The start-stop pattern of the spraying definitely was not a contrail! The trail evolved over the next hour to a wide, hazy cloud consistent with others I have observed…I am fully aware of the difference between contrails and aerosol spraying!”
He continued: “My mountain biking keeps me outside most days, so I’m always in tune with the weather. This day was 5-10 km. easterly. Showers were forecast for the following days, which didn’t happen.  I have studied the chemtrail mystery at length and am VERY concerned! This particular day, I had laid down on grass to have a break and above my head the jet, which I saw clearly, turned on the spray immediately above me! I couldn’t believe my eyes! As I watched it pass, the spray was stopped!  It’s approximate altitude was about 10-15 thousand feet, (estimate only).  I called my partner at home in Opua, 6km away, and told her to go out and look up! She took photos of trails and also observed the cloud after.”
“This is the second time I have observed it within the month of January. I am aware of the ingredients of aluminum and barium through my research at Carnicom.com and other sites.  I plan to contact the Chronicle local paper, as I feel people need to WAKE UP to what I feel is the greatest health risk to our planet!,” he wrote.

The photo below was taken by Kriz’s partner about 15 minutes after, and approximately 6 km from where he saw the jet open its nozzles he says, and he added that the artificially-created cloud stayed around most of the day, as it was a calm day.

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