Restore The Republic: 2009 and Beyond – You make it happen!

Buckle up 2010 is here! In case you missed it we had an excellent turn out for our first Virtual Town Hall meeting! Members from all across America joined to ask questions and raise issues. I ran down the highlights and low lights of 2009… here’s a quick bullet pointed list of what Restore the Republic has accomplished in ’09:
  • Membership growth averaged 887 per month
  • Grew the Restore the Republic website membership to over 20,794 (current)
  • Released our first documentary film Camp FEMA and began production on two more.
  • Grew the Republic Magazine subscriber base to over 6,000
  • Distributed over 22,000 magazines in the Sponsor-A-Patriot program with a projected reach of 176,000 people.
  • Organized April 15th anti-Tax Rallies across the country
  • Organized End the Fed rallies on Nov 22th and April 20th
  • Fought off multiple viral attacks on our websites
  • Built Restore the Republic Studio One
  • Produced 15 Action Alert and News Brief Videos reaching over 328,805 views
  • Co-wrote and Produced the Band of Patriots Music Video “Take Our Freedom Back!” with over 21,375 views
  • Appeared on CLTV’s “Gerard McLendon Live” fighting Red light cameras, the Police State, and promoted Republic Magazine
  • Appeared on PBS to promote America Freedom to Fascism and Restore the Republic
  • Produced 28 editions of the Reality Report with over 264,877 views
  • Averaged Reality Report viewership at 9,500 per edition
  • Sustained Reality Report total edition viewership at approximately 200 new views per day.
  • Produced a live video webstream on location in Oklahoma for the Freedom 21 Conference
  • Produced an 11 day CSPAN styled video webstream on location in St. Charles Illinois for the 2009 Continental Congress
  • Produced the first 24 hour news channel for the Freedom Movement during the 2009 Continental congress.
  • Reached over 27,000 viewers on the CC09 webstream.
  • Represented RTR and spoke at the Free State Project’s Liberty Forum.
  • Represented RTR and spoke at the Freedom 21 Conference.
  • Represented RTR and spoke at the Midwest Liberty Fest.
  • Represented RTR and spoke at the Northwest Ohio Liberty Conference.
  • Represented RTR and spoke at the historic Jekyll Island Meeting.
  • Represented RTR and appeared in the documentary film “For Liberty”.
  • Produced the first Silver Barter Round with the Freedom Mint.

But the list doesn’t stop there, and this is where we need your support to ensure that our message continues to be heard and that we can take it to the next level this year.

The production studio that our members helped to build is one of a kind in our movement to educate, activate, and restore America, but it needs to be staffed with solid professionals who can get the job done. For the past 3 years my wife and I have put all our time and energy into building and sustaining this effort and quite frankly with the growth we’ve experienced, we need help. The two of us cannot possibly handle the workload much longer.
You may have noticed that we have not released a Reality Report in two months. Having a paid and accountable staff will solve many problems. We have been interviewing professional staff to come to the Northbrook home office to work on our show and assist in day to day operations. Unfortunately local volunteers, who have prior obligations and time commitments, do not afford us the ability to develop the momentum needed. This is your movement, this is your message, this is your opportunity to support a broadcast that isn’t tied to corporate sponsorship nor party line talking points.

Our goal is to raise $36,000 to provide one years worth of salary for two production assistants. We have the drive, talent, passion, time, and dedication to the cause, all we need is your support. I need you to make a financial contribution today so we can raise the money… every little bit helps.

Click here to chip in any amount:

If you prefer to mail a check, please make it out and send it to:

Restore The Republic
3149 Dundee Rd. #176
Northbrook, IL 60062

(in the memo field put “Donation for Staffing”)

We deeply love all our supporters and volunteers nationwide, your kind words, letters, prayers, and phone calls make it all worth it.

In Freedom,

Gary Franchi
RTR National Director

PS. Your support in even the smallest amount adds up, please help us reach our goal so we can hire staff to keep the upward growth going:

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