Truth Jihad Radio Today: Cell Phone Techie To Comment On 9/11-Related Phone Information & More Truth Jihad Radio, Sat. 1/23/10, 5-7 pm

Dr Kevin Barrett

Central, (to be archived here.)

Call-in number: 512-879-3805

First hour: I will be joined by the channeled spirit of an assassinated member of the Beatles, along with cell phone techie Susan Clarke, who will comment on: David Ray Griffin, Rowland Morgan rebut 9/11 cell phone misinfo –

Second hour: Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi of the House of Wisdom Mosque in Dearborn, Michigan, author, “Expanding terror watch list discriminates against Muslims” . His article begins: “Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s alleged attempt to commit suicide on Northwest Flight 253 to Detroit has created more questions than answers…” Ameen to that, brother! It’s great to see American Muslim leaders questioning the war on terror! Speaking of which, I expect to be speaking to members of Sacramento, California’s Muslim community on Saturday, April 3rd – stay tuned for details. And a few weeks ago, Muhammad Abdullah, intrepid activist and board member of Muslims for 9/11 Truth, gave a talk at Masjid IbadUllah in Los Angeles. If you would like someone from Muslims for 9/11 Truth ( ) to speak to an Islamic group in your area, please reply to this email. * * * Next Tuesday’s guest on the newly-renamed Kevin Barrett Show will be Kirkpatrick Sale, the noted scholar and author who is considered America’s leading secessionist. * * * Showdown with Shoebat! I will be debating Walid Shoebat, self-styled “ex-Muslim-terrorist” turned Evangelical Islamophobe, on the Power Hour with Joyce Riley next Wednesday, January 27th, beginning around 8 a.m. Central Time. Listen at . Imagine what would happen if a Christian convert from Judaism went on a PR blitz with millions of dollars backing him, spreading imaginary stories about having slurped up Christian babies’ blood back when he was Jewish. Would he get away with it? If not, why is Shoebat getting away with spreading blood libels against Muslims? Jonathan Swift, where are you when we need you? Walid Shoebat’s Evil Twin: We Jews Want to EAT You! Please don’t tell anybody the above article is satire, since I enjoy getting death threats from outraged morons. Onward, Rocinante! Kevin Barrett Author, Questioning the War on Terror: A Primer for Obama Voters:

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