New Website, Northland New Zealand Chemtrails Watch, To Keep Tabs On Spraying Activity

Betty Hooper of Northland suggested that residents start a “chemtrail watch” in a letter she wrote to the editor of the Northern Advocate, dated the 13th of January, 2010. Thanks to 89-year old Hooper’s inspiration, a new website called Northland New Zealand Chemtrails Watch has been established at

The site will provide information from around the world about chemtrails for those who wish to learn more about them, though it is primarily designed for those who wish to learn about chemtrail activity taking place in the Northland region.

If anyone sees a chemtrail in Northland, please take some digital photographs of it and take a note of the time and the date you saw it, then e-mail the information and photos to for posting. This, we hope, will enable us to build a picture up of the aerosol spraying activity that is going on in the region.

Do take care though. According to ‘Chemtrails -What You Need to Know’ from Holly Deyo, low level spraying can produce a variety of symptoms including headaches, heart conditions, flu-like symptoms, a nagging sore throat and swollen lymph nodes. Unfortunately, I have had developed arthritic symptoms in a hand, and have had swollen lymph nodes and a sore throat since the aerosol spraying in Woodhill, Whangarei, which took place on the 1st and 2nd of January. I stood under a trail, when I took photos of it, which is not a wise thing to do. If a trail approaches, ensure you and your pets get indoors and that you shut all your doors and windows. Also, if you believe you may have been contaminated, have a shower and wash your hair.

The most recent report we have had of a chemtrail in Northland, was of one in drought-striken Kaitaia on the 12th of January in the early-evening. Hooper suggested in her letter to the editor that the drought in Northland and the spraying activity may be related.  US-based Clifford Carnicom, who has been researching chemtrails since 1999, states in his documentary Aerosol Crimes, that the “best information” leads to the conclusion that the spraying operations are frequently conducted in advance of approaching moisture. The salts used in the sprays are locking up the moisture and are contributing to widespread drought he said.

If you find this all too much to believe, start by watching Carnicom’s Aerosol Crimes and the surprisingly candid UK documentary, Top Secrets Revealed. As Mark Twain stated, the truth is stranger than fiction. Indeed, it is far, far, stranger.


Top Secrets Revealed – A UK documentary that shows the UK government was involved in spraying the public with chemical and biological weapons decades ago.

‘Evidence: Chemtrails include hazardous barium compounds’

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