Oliver Stone suggests Hitler is ‘easy scapegoat’

UKTelegraph Oliver Stone, the controversial film director, is facing another backlash after suggesting that Hitler was made an “easy scapegoat” by history.

Stone, who has previously been accused of promoting conspiracy theories and glorifying violence in his films, has made a new documentary series which he says will place historical figures including Hitler and Stalin “in context”.

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3 Responses to Oliver Stone suggests Hitler is ‘easy scapegoat’

  1. Nik says:

    WW2 was the Hegelian dialectic, order out of chaos, fermented by the secret societies and their money power (private interest bearing debt money supplies that they controlled once the independent monarchies were eliminated in diff. parts of the world). The basic idea was for Germany & Russia to destroy each other and then for the money power to move in re-order the whole thing.
    Hitler was a Rothschild bloodline as it turns out also, all be it an illegitimate one, and this partly explains all the occultism that the, internationally high finance funded Nazi party utilized. Hitler knew of the roots of his support to some extent, and is why he did not want war with Britain and the Rothschild Bank of England. This is why, for no apparent reason, when the allies were well and truly routed in Europe, instead being cleaning it up, they were allowed to a great degree to salvage something via the escape at Dunkirk. This is why Hitler felt so betrayed when he couldn’t make peace with Britain after all the initial victories, as he knew to some extent that he had had secret hands helping from England that were the power in England. The same goes for his petulance towards the U.S.A

    It will never be known if Hitler was an actual agent of the illuminati or one of their proxies, there is quite allot of research that shows he was manipulated by illuminati agents in his inner circle into making some disastrous decisions, cause frankly, the third Reich wasn’t suppose to be independent or conquer all of Europe, it was just suppose to destroy Germany and Russia in a big war. Also the Communists that they created, with uncle Karl’s manifesto (who was an international mason and promoted a private central bank in his collectivist lets not take into account human nature with our all for one and one for all utopia – n if you disagree you are tortured and shot!) had gone abit of the tracks as their agents Lenin and Trotsky had through happenstance, lost out to Stalin as the head dictator. Stalin wasn’t an internationalist directly under their agenda although he never went as far as Hitler in printing his own money, which is a big factor in how Germany went close to ushering in a new dark age in Europe.

    Anyway, the result when all the destruction was said and done was that all western Europe got to be re-ordered and the pretense of the cold war was used to establish hegemony around much of the rest of the globe by the money power. Communist Soviet Union was suppose to conquer Europe earlier on, even before Hitler’s time, but once that went off on a tangent via Stalin and not their agents in charge, they re-calibrated. The reason I bring that up again is because they now have the European Union which is structured exactly the way the Soviet Union was, which although just in it’s infancy, if it gets up and running, is planned to eventually abolish what are the now just for show parliaments of all the countries in Europe. That is apart from Russia, who had a century of communism, and now don’t want a bar of it and to remain independent, and because of their legacy, they are in a position to affirm their independence militarily and economically. Also they know all about ‘the protocols of Zion’ and will not be easily internally subverted through the false claims of consensus democracy.

    If anyone wants some links on above, say so and I’ll post a few.

  2. Nik says:

    Also, the money power has never really understood the world’s past and humankind’s relationship to this, and the money power’s prowess is this regard is not so great as it might have thought it’s entitled to.

  3. Nik says:

    Lastly, at the same time in history that Nazi Germany was printing it’s own money to build up a war machine that would go on to destroy Europe civilization; in New Zealand a charismatic WW One hero, John lee Hooker had infiltrated the NZ labour party with the result that it’s leader Savage ended up campaigning explicitly on creating sovereign credit to inject into New Zealand society.

    This won a historic win for the first labour govt. i think it was, and among other things, they built the state house that John Key grew up in as well as being one of the few countries in the world, along with Germany, who’s general well being rose steeply in contrast to a world in financial depression, poverty amongst plenty and rampant inflation.

    John A Lee and his monetary reform enclave soon got marginalized by the politicians n press of the day and Savage developed cancer. But it had set a precedent that took two or three decades to be fully eroded, in part due to New Zealand’s isolation to the rest of the world and being on the side of the victors in World War Two.

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