Monsanto named “Company of the Year” by Forbes Magazine

Brett Blume Reporting NEW YORK, NY (KMOX) — St. Louis-based Monsanto has been named “2009 Company of the Year” by Forbes Magazine.

The publication cites Monsanto’s on-going work in the field of bio-engineering to improve crop yields and feed an ever-growing world population.

Spokesman Darren Wallis says while chief executive Hugh Grant and everybody else at Monsanto are pleased with the honor, they remain focused on keeping their customers satisfied.

“Mr. Grant has a great saying that we earn farmers’ business every spring at the kitchen table,” Wallis tells KMOX News.

Forbes noted that Monsanto has been able to avoid the brunt of the Recession, earning more than $2 billion on revenue of  $11.7 billion in fiscal ’09, with sales increasing at an annualized 18% clip over the last five years

To read the full article on Forbes’ choice of Monsanto as the “2009 Company of the Year”, click here.


The World According to Monsanto – An eye-opening, must-see documentary, which first aired on French TV on March the 11th, 2009.

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2 Responses to Monsanto named “Company of the Year” by Forbes Magazine

  1. Ray says:

    A suggestion to anyone who would like to take responsibility for their own health and believe me it is extremely gratifying, then purchase the DVD “Food matters”

  2. Clare Swinney says:

    Food Matters is an excellent documentary. You are what you eat, as they say – and let thy food be thy medicine.

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