NASA Picture Shows A Frozen Britain From Above

BBC This striking image taken by Nasa’s Terra satellite on 7 January shows the UK deep in the clutches of the current cold snap.

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2 Responses to NASA Picture Shows A Frozen Britain From Above

  1. dstorm says:

    omg, global warming, we are all going to die!!!

  2. Clare Swinney says:

    There was someone on the site implying that global warming is leading to global cooling (extreme weather events) in the comment section. Some people take the public for fools.
    On a related note, evidence indicates that chemtrails are being used to cause drought, which the carbon-tax pushers may say is due to “global warming.”
    I was just listening to chemtrails researcher, US-based Clifford Carnicom, who has been researching chemtrails since 1999, state in his documentary ‘Aerosol Crimes’, that the best information leads to the conclusion that the spraying operations are frequently conducted in advance of approaching moisture. The salts used in the sprays are locking up the moisture and contributing to widespread drought he said.
    Refer: Aerosol Crimes:

    Toxic Barium in chemtrails – What it means?

    Also refer: ‘Evidence: Chemtrails include hazardous barium compounds’
    It states: “Leading chemtrail researcher Clifford Carnicom has completed a series of impressive reports citing evidence that our atmosphere is now saturated with barium compounds as a result of the military’s on-going weather and atmospheric modification projects. The presence of metallic alkaline salts in rainfall samples collected nationwide indicates that the atmospheric pH is being rapidly modified — most likely by barium.”

    In my local paper, the Northern Advocate, it mentions in Thursday’s edition that NIWA claims “record heat as soil moisture suffers.” There has been chemtrail spraying taking place in the north. See the article here. This may be used to cause a drought, to try and instil people with the idea that a carbon tax/ETS is needed to save us. Problem – reaction – solution. The people behind the UN create the problem, and offer the solution, which was part of their plan anyway. Just a thought. I could be on the wrong track completely.

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