Dr Vincent Gray On NIWAs Claim That The 2000s Were the Warmest Decade On Record For NZ

NIWA stated  in a media release yesterday that the 2000s were the warmest decade on record for New Zealand. I asked Dr Vincent Gray, an expert reviewer of IPCC Assessment Reports, who has been outspoken about what he refers to as “The Global Warming Scam,” for his opinion of NIWA’s claim and he issued the following three points:

Dr Vincent Gray

1. What is the evidence and how accurate is it?

2. Bob Dedekind and Richard Traedgold recently downloaded the raw temperature records from the NIWA website and found that they did not support recent warming.  We were told that they had been “corrected.”  A request for details of these “corrections” has not been received.

3. How many people do you know who are dying of the heat? The people in the Northern Hemisphere seem to find otherwise.



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