The Latest Dispatch From NZ Climate Realists, Against the ETS

Here is the first dispatch for 2010, dated the 5th of January, from farmers Neil and Esther Henderson, the couple who started up the Climate Realists network to oppose the Emissions Trading Scheme, (ETS).  To sign up for a free newsletter or offer suggestions and support, e-mail:

Happy New Year Climate Realists.

Welcome to 2010, a year in which we hope to see the world in general and New Zealand in particular  wake up to the realisation that the whole climate crisis is all about money, power and politics and has nothing to do with saving the planet.     We hope our democratically elected Prime Minister and his government will this year listen to the voice of reason, repeal the ETS and get on with sorting out the real problems facing this country.    Copenhagen has been and gone and the greenies are bewailing the failure of the various governments to sign up as they had hoped. We have no real reason to rest on our laurels; the battle continues with meetings planned in Mexico later this year.   Even closer at hand is the international meeting New Zealand is hosting in Wellington in March. This meeting is as part of the Global Research Alliance which the New Zealand government pushed for. We have heard that the Green movement is already holding training days and educational camps to provide a presence at this meeting. What will the Climate Realists be doing? So- plenty of reading for this week, and after this email I’ll forward two more of interest.

All the best, Esther and Neil

About the Global Research Alliance:   Copied from information available on the web: (for each full article click on the link)   From the NZ Govt: Global Research Alliance members will meet early in 2010 in New Zealand to establish working groups, and discuss priority setting and opportunities for encouraging participation   From the Danish Govt:

The Alliance’s objective is to reduce the emissions intensity of agricultural GHG production and increase the potential for soil carbon sequestration, thereby contributing to overall mitigation efforts.  This would be cross-sectoral ‘ involving livestock, crops and rice.

The Alliance will seek to increase international cooperation, collaboration and investment in public and private research activities.  This will include knowledge-sharing, access by farmers to mitigation and carbon sequestration, achieve synergy between mitigation and adaptation and improve measurement through consistent methodologies.

The political premise underlying the Alliance is the tension between global population growth and food demand, and consequent GHG emissions ‘ and the ‘decoupling’ between agricultural growth and emission growth.  In fact the claim is that agriculture can prove to be a sink rather than a source in due course.  Agriculture currently accounts for 14% of global emissions.

From the Greens (frogblog) 16.12.2009 Global Research Alliance will reduce emissions from agriculture.     The Cop15 at Bella Center today hosted an agreement on a new global research alliance. The alliance will share good practice and improve access to the latest research on how to reduce agricultural emissions of greenhouse gases. The Danish minister of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, Eva Kjer Hansen, shared a good example.     There is an urgent need to develop technologies and practices to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture. The new Global Research Alliance will establish a robust international effort to develop and share the fundamental research needed to ensure that agricultural emissions decline, while contributing to ensuring food security. Until now 18 countries have joined the alliance. More countries are expected to join the alliance during COP 15.
With a Danish example as proof that the world can produce more while reducing our contribution to global warming, Eva Kjer Hansen participated in today’s roundtable meeting.
“Together we have extensive knowledge. In Denmark we have reduced the emission of greenhouse gases by 23 percent since 1990 and in the same period of time the agricultural production has increased 16 pct. The reduction has been possible with an optimization of the nutrient chain, through enhanced water management. This is an area, where Denmark can contribute with knowledge “, says Danish minister Hansen
“We must put the agricultural sector on the agenda every time we talk about the effects of climate change and when we talk about solutions. Agriculture is not only a part of the climate challenge. It is a part of the solution. Copenhagen University, Faculty of Life Sciences has just opened a     “Challenge Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security”, with focus on challenges in developing countries. The new center located here in Copenhagen has a budget of approximately 70 million Euros, and coordination between this and other initiatives could create great synergy effects,’ says Eva Kjer Hansen.
At the meeting there was strong political will and consensus that a global research alliance between the respective countries can contribute to exchange experiences, knowledge and new technology.
The next meeting in the alliance will be in New Zealand in March 2010. ************************************************************************************************************************************************   OVER IN AUSTRALIA: Farmers, you ned to be aware of what is happening in Australia. Could this happen in New Zealand? *********************************************************************************************************************************************** SAINT LORD CHRISTOPHER Check out the ‘letters’ section  of our website for Lord Monckton’s letter to Kevin Rudd. Lord Monckton will be touring Australia shortly. However he is unable to include New Zealand in his itinerary at this time (what a pity!). ************************************************************************************************************************************ FEEDBACK AND SUGGESTIONS Thank you for your recent newsletter – some very interesting resources and
plenty to think about.

I think Lord Monkton’s presentation was particularly clear and interesting –
a very good example on how to clearly project a point of view without boring the listeners to death.

Perhaps this year we should put more pressure on constituency Members of
Parliament who are supposed to be representing the people who put them in
office. I did write to mine about this Climate Change scam but received no
reply. I really wonder if they (the Members of Parliament) have been told to
keep their mouths shut on this issue and let the Leader make the decisions
and  announcements.

Congratulations on your efforts so far.

Best wishes for an interesting and successful New Year.
Denis   @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@   I would like to see a lawsuit get organized, demanding to see clear scientific justification and demanding clear cost assessment re: the Treasury $100billion figure that Key immediately buried. The lawsuit should perhaps name government officials who have failed to exercise due dilligence in this momentous decision, and have done their deals behind closed doors. Doesn’t NZ have ‘sunshine’ laws requiring open public process?? Also we should have a national referendum before the Mexico Climate meeting next November, although it didn’t help on the smacking situation. Key is prepared to ignore democratic process ! Key is riding high, I voted for Key too – but he is now buying his popularity with borrowed money from overseas, keeping all of Clark’s dole programmes in force. The new ETS will add more government bureaucrats, than all his promised cuts get rid of – and we are worse off than ever !!!! Even worse, Key wants to sign a Climate Treaty** . According to Lord Monckton, the Copenhagen treaty he wanted to sign would totally destroy national soveriegnty in favor of myriads of UN bureaucrocracies that Clark is busily setting up. All this pain and no climate gain – it is criminal !! What the hell has got into this guy ??????????? (maybe he want’s to be Sir John Key, like his science ‘advisor’ – a Knight in the realm of what – crooked City bankers?) Anyway, those are my thoughts. The NZ media has been pathetic, even the Brit media have been all over the climategate matter, and criminal carbon trade games across the World – what is wrong with the NZ Herald ????????? What about their responsibily as the ‘fourth estate’ to investigate and expose matters of extraordinary public importance?????? Best Ken ** mentioned several places here: and just what the hell would have been wrong with a simple carbon tax, cutting out City bankers and Helen Clark ????

The Editor,

The Press,


Dear Sir,

While the hot air at the Copenhagen talk feast might be warming that city’s climate, the rest of the world continues to cool a little.  This is demonstrated by the inconvenient scientific fact that the earth has cooled in the last 10 years while CO2 has, like the hot air in Copenhagen, wafted up a tad.  The prospect of an agricultural research agreement is positive and welcome, as some gases are hurting the environment, but CO2 is not one of them.  With the NZ public belief in anthropogenic warming down to 22% (Coast FM poll) the time has come for our PM to agree to nothing at Copenhagen, but to observe and report back to us, the voters and tax payers.

Yours sincerely,

Donald Offwood


I believe we should all be talking that obviously world leaders agree with us because they have proposed a situation that I think we can live with – that the temperature can be held below a 2 degree increase by 2050. We know that it has not risen for nine years and my bet is that they know this also  and to save face against the hordes of greenie idiots have come up with (IMHO) a very clever proposal – looks after the greenies in some sort of way while not committing anyone to set things in concrete. I think we now have to tackle John Key and his party to take on board a concept that says “we will put on hold the ETS because at the present moment the country is still recovering form the economic depression and until the temp starts rising again we can afford to put the whole thing on hold while at the same time supporting the Copenhagen political accord 100%. I am sure they are only looking for a political solution – I have already said that their desire to implement an ETS was just to protect our sales of farm products to the rest of the world – the greenies are in a difficult situation if they want to ban NZ products for their carbon miles while NZ seems to be leading the world with ETS legislation

Regards Rob   ****************************************************************************************************************************************   Has anybody else wondered why the Greens and the environmental lobby in NZ especially, embrace the science community behind climate change with unbridled passion yet a few short years ago the science community were vilified as destroyers of the world with their views on genetic engineering ????? Cheers Gerry   *********************************************************************************************************************************************************** PUBLICITY Clare Swinney wrote an article about us……………….. ************************************************************************************************************************************* POLLS Coast FM Poll

Question: “Global Warming. What do you think?”

No proof. The sceptics are right. It’s just another phase in the earth’s life cycle:  78.05%

Getting hotter. It’s us we’re killing the planet. Need to act now!:  12.60%

Certainly warmer, but its natural not man made: 9.35%

Remember that message I sent out the other day about the “Coast FM” poll on global warming?

Take a look at the first few pages of results in THIS Yahoo search (I don’t trust Google any more, and even with the very same search now, it brings up suspiciously less items).

Woo hoo hoo…….Wake UP, National government.

Good cheer to all.

Phil H
Climate Conversation Group Poll Want to vote? Here’s another one: *************************************************************************************************************************************** FACEBOOK GROUPS TO JOIN *************************************************************************************************************************************** IN CASE YOU STILL NEED CONVINCING John Coleman gives a clear and concise exlanation of why we need not fear ‘global warming’: No Rise of Airborne Fraction of Carbon Dioxide in Past 150 Years, New Research Finds ScienceDaily (Dec. 31, 2009) — Most of the carbon dioxide emitted by human activity does not remain in the atmosphere, but is instead absorbed by the oceans and terrestrial ecosystems. In fact, only about 45 percent of emitted carbon dioxide stays in the atmosphere. Read more:


ENCOURAGING NEWS French Revolution! Carbon tax ruled unconstitutional just two days before
taking effect **********************************************************************************************************************************************     A TOUCH OF HUMOUR

“Imagine there’s no global warming”- great song!

totally too late for Christmas but very funny indeed:

This idea could really take off:

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2 Responses to The Latest Dispatch From NZ Climate Realists, Against the ETS

  1. Roger Surf says:

    I think in order to fight this human induced climate change madness money is needed.
    Politicians will do whatever the electorate expect of them. Therefore we need to change those expectations by good authoritative communication with the public.
    My thought is to hire as many billboards as possible around the country and display telling messages. My favourite message is to remind the public of the medieval warm period where the earth was warmer than now before there was significant human induced co2.
    Please see my website at

    Is there is a suitable New Zealand website around where we can solicit donations on line?

    All the best.


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