NZ’s cyber spies win new powers By Nicky Hager    New cyber-monitoring measures have been quietly introduced giving police and Security Intelligence Service  officers the power to monitor all aspects of someone’s online life.

The measures are the largest expansion of police and SIS surveillance capabilities for decades, and mean that all mobile calls and texts, email, internet surfing and online shopping, chatting and social networking can be monitored anywhere in New Zealand.

In preparation, technicians have been installing specialist spying devices and software inside all telephone exchanges, internet companies and even fibre-optic data networks between cities and towns, providing police and spy agencies with the capability to monitor almost all communications.

Police and SIS must still obtain an interception warrant naming a person or place they want to monitor but, compared to the phone taps of the past, a single warrant now covers phone, email and all internet activity.

It can even monitor a person’s location by detecting their mobile phone; all of this occurring almost instantaneously.

For more go here.

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One Response to NZ’s cyber spies win new powers

  1. Clare Swinney says:

    Writes Will Ryan of NZ 911 Truth in an e-mail related to this article:
    This is insane and must be resisted!
    They have in fact been spying in this fashion for years, we get called paranoid for saying so, but now they have have the telephone exchange’s wired (hard/software) and have in place the grid to control any grassroots resistance, under the banner of “fighting crime.” This country along with the rest of the world needs to stop sealing its own fate, stop being passionate about TV drama/unreality and apathetic about the real increments of this growing slave state. The only people taking note of this latest tightening of the chains are the typically left, such as “Bomber” Bradbury and Hager, who whilst deserve some credit, are too systematic themselves to realise that the pretexts for the police state, events like 9/11 and 7/7, are in fact creations of the establishment. Ultimately they support the problem, as do the fake conservatives who accept every expansion of big government.
    We have a problem on our hands, it’s not going away via ignorance, so what are we going to do about it? Peaceful solutions, talking to people, telling them regardless of their wanting to know. Popular speech doesn’t need legal protection and if we have to live our lives by the insanity most people accept, do we not at least have the right to voice our discontent?
    I’m fired up, hope you are too!

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