Skull And Bonesman, John Kerry Seen In Whangarei, New Zealand

John Kerry

On December the 31st 2009, the Northern Advocate reported that US politician, and  Skull and Bonesman, John Kerry, had been seen in casual attire in Whangarei on Tuesday at the town basin, inspecting a multi-million dollar boat built in Whangarei.

The 22.8-metre yacht, which bears the name ‘Isabel’, (of ‘Newport,’) was built by Friendship Yachts on Port Rd and will be ready to leave the country at the end of January, according to the Northern Advocate, which reported that “details about its cost and owners are under wraps.”

There was a greying, forty-something man on board the ‘Isabel’ today and when asked if it was John Kerry’s boat he denied it –  in an American accent, of course.


Rumours link US senator to luxury yacht built in Northland

Rumoured to be John Kerry's new boat - the 'Isabel,' moored at the Whangarei Harbour

Photos: Clare Swinney

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6 Responses to Skull And Bonesman, John Kerry Seen In Whangarei, New Zealand

  1. Ray says:

    Escape plan number 1 .

  2. jimba says:

    John Kerrys boat,will it be air mailed,sea mailed or she mailed,via amero express,you gonna play cricket this year,Johnny.

  3. Mike says:

    That boat isn’t moored, it’s docked.

  4. Bob makset says:

    I hope the masts are tall enough for Senator kerry to hang in there

  5. Clare Swinney says:

    Very incidentally, close to the time it was rumoured John Kerry had come to pick up the vessel, the geo-engineering/ chemtrailing started in Whangarei on a appreciable scale and “geo-engineering” has since gone full blast unfortunately, as it has done in other regions.
    The top picture of the boat shows a faded chemtrail. Please refer photos of chemtrails shot the day Kerry’s boat was photographed here:

    For more on geo-engineering, please refer:
    Episode #138 of The Corbett Report – Geoengineering and You
    Date/Duration: 2010/07/18 / 54:55
    Description: As the band of eugenicists attain riches and power, they are moving their geoengineering agenda further into the open. From space mirrors and iron dumping to cloud creation and persistent contrails, billions are being spent on altering our planet. Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we find out what is happening in our skies.

  6. Clare Swinney says:

    Boat confirmed as Kerry’s:
    John Kerry Was For Taxes Before He Was Against Them: Thurston & Lovey Avoid $500k in Mass. Luxury Taxes

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